KARACHI: Directorate General of Customs Valuation has convened a meeting of stakeholders on January 27, 2015 to determine the customs values of one side coated duplex board in sheets grey black and other than grey black.

The stakeholders/associations invited to the meeting include Chairmen Valuation Committees of FPCCI & KCCI, President Lahore Chamber, Karachi & Lahore Customs Agents Groups, M/s All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association, M/s Packages Limited, M/s Century Paper & Paper Board Mills, M/s IBM Limited, M/s Trade International, Toyo Group of Pakistan, M/s ATC Pakistan, M/s Veer Corporation, M/s Mapsons Enterprises, M/s Al-Yaqeen Packages, M/s Ehtesham Packages, M/s A.S Paper Products, M/s Al Rahim Packages & Printers, M/s Ammara Commercial Printers, M/s Anjum Art Press, M/s Arotec, M/s S.I Industries, M/s Delux Packages, M/s Dotcare, M/s Khairullah Paper & Board Works, M/s Amafhh Paper Board Converter, M/s Saafa Paper Products, M/s Salman Paper Products, M/s Star Convertors, M/s Kutub Printer & Publisher, M/s Hasan & Hasan Traders, M/s Al-Iqra Printers and M/s Hassan Enterprises.

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