KARACHI: The Chief Collector of Customs South, Nasir Masroor has accorded his approval for the lodging of FIRs against two importers who took undue benefit of concessionary SROs on fake and forged documents.

MCC Port Qasim and MCC Appraisement West had approached the chief collector seeking his approval after both the collectorates detected the cases falling in the ambit of Section 32-A of Customs Act.

MCC Appraisement West has been given the permission to lodge FIR against M/s Right Way Trading Company, which had imported 157 volts to 12 volts solar panels in two containers and claimed sales tax exemption on the basis of a certificate issued by Engineering Development Board (EDB). However, upon verification from the EDB, it was known that the certificate was fake and forged. M/s Right Way Trading Company inflicted a loss of millions of rupees to the national exchequer.

MCC Port Qasim had prepared contravention against M/s Quick Contractors & Traders for defrauding the authorities through fake and forged certificates/documents.

According to details, M/s Quick Contractors & Traders imported old and used Prime Mover Truck (380 HP) and sought clearance under PCT heading 8701.2040. Importer scanned copy of Construction Company’s proof/P.E.C registration certificate showing importer as contractor and pre-shipment certificate in terms of relevant provision of Import Policy Order, 2013.

The goods were examined and assessed by the Collectorate and goods were delivered to the importer. During post release verification (PRV), PSI certificates was sent for verification to the issuing authority M/s. SGS, Dubai, U.A.E., which confirmed that subject PSI Report was fake/forged and not issued by M/s. SGS Gulf Limited, Dubai, UAE. Collector MCC Port Qasim Surayya Butt had approached Chief Collector for the approval of lodging of FIR.

It is learnt that the FIRs would be lodged by Monday or Tuesday as the Chief Collector has accorded his approval. It may be mentioned here that the officers who detected these cases, they actually assessed these consignments but later they got suspicious and resultantly, the cases were developed.

Sources said that the prime mover trucks, which still were at the port would be confiscated.