KARACHI: The Ministry of Commerce has notified the list of compulsory items, which need to meet Pakistan standards at import stage through amendment in the Import Policy Order 2013.

These items include AC wait hour meters, Asbestos cement building and sanitary pipes, Asbestos cement corrugated for roofing and cladding, asbestos cement pipe fitting for building and sanitary purpose, asbestos cement pressure pipes, asbestos flat sheet, apple juice, balanced feed mixture for livestock, Ballast for tubular fluorescent lamp, banaspati, butter, carbonated beverages, bottled drinking water, cold worked steel deformed bars for the reinforcement of concrete, cooking oil (blended), cotton seed oil cake expeller type, chilly powder, concentrated fruit juice, condensed milk, curry powder, deformed & plain billet steel bars, discharge lamps/compact fluorescent lamp, edible sesame oil, food for children and infants, flavored milk, fruit squash, gas appliances including heaters, honey, iodied salt, jams/jellies, lend acid batteries, margarine, mayonnaise and marmalades.

Other items include milk powder, scales, mild steel bars, mild steel oil pressure utility stoves, natural mineral water, oil stoves, orange juice, palm oil, pickels, polypropylene woven sacks for packing, cement, poultry feed, PVC insulated cables, PVC pressure pipes, reciprocating internal combustion engine, refined edible oil, sugar, raors/blades, synthetic vinegar, tea black, two-wheeler and three-vehicle auto vehicles, induction motors, turmeric and biscuits.

An official said that now importers would need certification from Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) to get the above mentioned goods cleared from Customs.