KARACHI: Afghan Counsel General, Shah Ahmed Saeed has expressed serious concerns of Afghan importers over the cartel-forming of bonded carriers, which would result in a significant increase in the transportation cost.

Shah Ahmed Saeed has written a letter to DG Afghan Transit Trade, Ghulam Fareed Manika and apprised him of the situation. Shah informed that Balochistan Afghan Transit Transport Owner & Brokers Association had fixed their own conditions and rates for Afghan Transit from Karachi to Chamman, Spinboldak and they had also fixed their own conditions which were not favorable for the importers.

The Association has notified to their members that loading of all the vehicles would be done as per the Association’s Q-system.

If the vehicles are loaded as per the Q-system, then there would automatically be a monopoly of the association and importers would have to pay ‘premium’ to the carriers for early removal of their consignment as it happened in past.

Shah noted that in view of Pak-Afghan trade ties, immediate action should be taken in this regard to address their reservations.

It was known that some bonded carriers were supporting this association to create their monopoly and many were not supporting them.

Sources said that sooner a similar monopoly is being planned to be formed on Karachi to Peshawar route.

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