KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has prepared contravention under section 32-A etc, against M/s Quick Contractors & Traders for defrauding the authorities through fake and forged certificates/documents.

The contravention has been prepared pertaining to 12 consignments of prime mover trucks, which have been cleared. As many as eight similar consignments are at hold at the port premises. In total 16 prime mover trucks are at hold.

Collector port Qasim Surayya Butt had formed a team comprising Assistant Collector Hina Gul, Principal Appraiser Safdar Abbas, appraising officers Qasim Shaikh and Saeed Soomro and Zulfikar Shaikh to scrutinize the documents, and hence all the details of the scam were found.

According to details, M/s Quick Contractors & Traders imported old and used Prime Mover Truck (380 HP) and sought clearance under PCT heading 8701.2040. Importer scanned copy of Construction Company’s proof/P.E.C registration certificate showing importer as contractor and pre-shipment certificate in terms of relevant provision of Import Policy Order, 2013.

The goods were examined and assessed by the Collectorate and goods were delivered to the importer. During post release verification (PRV), PSI certificates was sent for verification to the issuing authority M/s. SGS, Dubai, U.A.E., which confirmed that subject PSI Report was fake/forged and not issued by M/s. SGS Gulf Limited, Dubai, UAE.

M/s. Quick Contractors & Traders deliberately submitted fake, forged, manipulated/tempered, PSI Certificate at the time of clearance circumventing the provisions of Import Policy Order, 2013 which is otherwise not importable in terms of serial No. 10 of Appendix-C of Import Policy Order, 2013.

It may be mentioned here that in December 2014, it was notified that Section 32-A could not be used without the approval of Chief Collector.

After the scam was detected a month ago, approval for the lodging of FIR was sought from Chief Collector Appraisement South Nasir Masroor. However, Chief collector could not accord the approval despite lapse of a month as he himself had sought clarification of the above-mentioned order from the FBR.

It may be mentioned here that, recently, MCC Appraisement East lodged an FIR under Section 32-A; sources said that the entire Customs formation was not properly communicated the order pertaining to the use of section 32-A.

Nonetheless, Collector Port Qasim Surayya Butt took the stand and prepared the contravention report under section 32-A etc. Sources said that DG I&I Lutfullah Virk was also working on this scam and had also collected evidence and records. Virk had also sought details from Surayya Butt in this regard, Director I&I Asif Marghoob Siddiqui confirmed this to custom news.pk.

Sources said that DG I&I’s case was on a mature stage and FIR was about to be lodged, but the MCC Port Qasim took the lead and prepared the contravention.

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