KARACHI: The Customs Classification Committee headed by Zeba Bashir Ahmed has notified that ‘synthetic soil reinforcement material’ is most appropriately classifiable under PCT heading 5604.9000.

The MCC Islamabad referred a case to the PCT Committee for determination of classification of “Synthetic Soil Reinforcement Material”.

M/S Reinforcement Earth Pvt. Ltd, Islamabad imported Synthetic Soil Reinforcement Material and sought clearance against PCT heading 5604.90l0. Goods were released provisionally against the declared PCT heading and representative sample was sent to customs laboratory, Lahore. The Deputy Chemical Examiner intimated that such strip obtained from the combination of textile plastic appropriately falls under heading 392l.9090.

Accordingly the formation assessed the goods under the said PCT heading. The Importer M/S Reinforced Earth contested on classification and requested to assess the goods under claimed PCT heading i.e. 5604.901O.

Since the item under reference has been imported for first time in Pakistan, therefore, the Collectorate considers it appropriate to refer the matter to the Classification Committee for determination of correct classification.

The Committee after consideration reached consensus that the impugned item is appropriately classifiable under PCT heading 5604.9000.

Sources said that Zeba Bashir Ahmed has been quite efficient and streamlined the classifications of a number of importable items in a record time, which not only plugged revenue leakage, and also facilitated importers.