KARACHI: The R&D of Appraisement West has found evasion of duty through mis-declaration of Quantity on part of M/s New Allied Electronics Industries, which might deprive the company of its ‘green channel’ profile. A demand of Rs0.444 million has been created, which was evaded by the company.

According to the details of the case, the private bonded warehouse of M/s New Allied electronics (makers of LG products) was visited. During the course of inspection and physical verification of goods the availability of six different consignments in-bonded was checked.

Total quantity of printed circuit board (PCB) in one consignment was found to be 5500 units against the declared 4608 units i.e. 892 units excess than that of declared. Had this mis-declaration of Quantity not been detected, the national exchequer would have suffered a loss of Rs0.444 million in terms of duty and taxes.

Moreover, irregularities were found during the course of physical inspection of the bonded warehouse. The presence of EO Bond has never been observed at the Bonded warehouse as the stock Register maintaining, the position of in-bonding and corresponding ex-bonding has never been signed by the concerned EO Bond while in-bonding and ex-bonding, of the goods is merely supervised by Sepoy posted there. The Bonded Warehouse is locked/unlocked by simple lock & key without proper sealing.

Perusal of the track record of aforesaid consignment revealed revealed irregularities in the date and time of out of charge of goods from Customs and subsequent in-bonding of the goods as appearing in the computerized system.

The date of out of charge of the goods from customs and subsequent in-bonding date of five consignments as appearing in the computerized system showed delayed in-bonding from nine to twenty seven days. The investigation carried out to ascertain reasons for delayed in-bonding and Delivery Clerk of M/s New Allied Electronics industries verbally reported that all of the aforesaid consignments had been in-bonded within due date and time w. r. t. the date of out of charge of the consignments, however, entry into the computerized system was made after passage of the aforesaid date/time owing to heavy workload of clearance of some other consignments from Port Qasim.

Collector Appraisement West Mohammad Saleem and Additional Collector Nayyar Shafique has appreciated Principal Appraiser Abdul Qayyum, Appraising Officer Anwar Zeb and Sher Khan for detecting this incident.

Sources said that New Allied Electronics would likely lose the status of green channel facility as Manual contravention is not in the system and does not impact the green channel profile of the companies, however, WeBoc system had made the contravention against M/s New Allied Electronics, which could deprive them of their green channel profile.


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