KARACHI: The Federal board of Revenue has nominated several officers of IRS/BS-18 and PCS/BS-18 for 19th Mid Career Management Course, which is mandatory for promotion as per the revised promotion policy.

According to revised promotion policy if the officer is nominated for the mandatory training and he/she declines to proceed on training for two consecutive training courses, then he/she would forfeit the right to consideration for promotion.

In case of any withdrawal of nomination either by the department of by the officer himself/herself, the officer concerned will be responsible, if it adversely effects his/her promotion prospects.

The officers attending at NIM, Karachi include Mr. Tariq Hussain Tunio, Deputy Director, Sindh Revenue Board (SRB), Karachi; Malik Waqas Nawaz Deputy Commissioner (IR) RTO-II, Karachi; lmran Qadeer, Deputy Director, Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (IR), Karachi; Abdul Qadeer Abbasi, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi; Naheed Akhtar Durrani, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-III, Karachi; Fouz Khalid Khan, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi; Naveed Ali Narejo, Deputy Commissioner RTO, Karachi; Abdul Wahid Shar, Deputy Commissioner LTU, Karachi and Sobia Mazhar, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Karachi.

Officers attending NIM Lahore include Nawal Sheikh, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Lahore; Rabia Shah, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Lahore; Shehzad Mehmood, Deputy Director, Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA), Lahore; Muhammad Ali, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Lahore; Talat Mahmood, Deputy Commissioner RTO-II, Lahore; Bilal Hassan, Deputy Director Directorate of I&I (IR), Faisalabad; Khurram Ali Qadri, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore; Waqas Ahmed Bajwa, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Lahore; Muhammad Waqas Tarar Deputy Director, National Health Services Regulations & Coordination, Islamabad; Usman Asghar, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore; Muhammad Akhtar Suraj, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Bahawalpur; Taimur Aman, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Gujranwala and Zafar Iqbal, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Gujranwala.

Officers attending NIM Peshawar include Fakhryia Anjum, Deputy Director, Additional Directorate of internal Audit (IR), Peshawar; Ejaz Ahmed, Section Officer, Ministry of Commerce & Textile Industry, Islamabad; Saeeda Islam, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore; Ihsan Ullah, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Islamabad; Abid Rasool Khan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Multan; Ali Mansoor, Second Secretary, FBR, Islamabad; Faheem Sikandar, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar; Mazhar lrshad Khan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar; Azhar Jahangir, Second Secretary, FBR, Islamabad; Muhammad Nabeel Afzaal, Deputy Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office, Islamabad; Munir Ahmed Ch, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Faisalabad and Aisha Dilshad, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar.

Officers nominated for NIM, Quetta include Abdul Hameed Shaikh, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi; Ali Muhammad, Second Secretary, FBR, Islamabad; Muhammad Arif, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Quetta; Imran Ali Shaikh Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi; Abdul Salam Khan, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi; Muhammad Bilal, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Bahawalpur; Saad Waqas, Deputy Director, l&I (IR), Lahore; Tahseen Sadiq Tarar, Additional Commissioner (OPS), RTO, Sialkot; Muhammad Ijlal Khan, Deputy Director, I&I (IR), Lahore; Qadeerullah, Second Secretary, FBR, Islamabad; Tariq Iqbal, Second Secretary, FBR, Islamabad and Malang Jan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar.

Moreover, Pakistan Customs Service (PCS) officers nominated for NIM Lahore include Syed Jawad Ali Shah, Deputy Director, Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement, Lahore; Abbas Ali Babar, Deputy Collector, Chief Collector Customs (Central), Lahore; Asma Hameed, Deputy Collector, Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement, Lahore; Sumaira Omar, Deputy Director, Directorate of Post Clearance Audit, Lahore and Farhat Ali, Deputy Collector, Model Customs Collectorate, Multan.

PCS officers attending NIM Peshawar include Muhammad Arshad Hayat Chaudary, Second Secretary, Federal Board of Revenue (HQ), Islamabad; Ghulam Ali Malik, Deputy Collector, Model Customs Collectorate, Islamabad; Fahad Ali Chaudhary, Deputy Director, Directorate General of Internal Audit (Customs), Islamabad. Shoib Qazi Deputy Collector MCC Quetta will be attending NIM Quetta.

The officers nominated for the Mid Career Management Course at NIM Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are required to report to the respective Institutes on 02-01-2015 and at NIM Quetta is required to report to the respect Institute on 27-02-2015. The above nominations are subject to provision of latest Annual Medical Examination Reports.

The Establishment Division has issued directions/orders of the Prime Minister that concerned Ministries/Divisions/Departments/Provincial Governments must ensure relieving the officers nominated for the different mandatory courses without fail in future. It has also been ordered that during the training the requisite arrangements be made as these officers are not required to attend their offices, while undergoing these courses. Further, non-compliance of these directions shall constitute misconduct on the part of both the Ministries/Division/Departments concerned as well as the officer selected for training course and as such they would be proceeded against under Government Servants [E&D) Rules, 1973.