KARACHI: Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation FBR has found evasion of duty/taxes to the tune of millions of rupees as importers of motorcycle auto parts were misappropriating the quantity/weight of auto parts en route from Karachi port to NLC, dry port, Hyderabad.

It was learnt that DG I&I, Lutfullah virk had this information that unscrupulous elements were evading duty/taxes through mis-declaration at various Collectorates and were misusing SRO.

Director Intelligence Asif Marghoob Siddiqui directed Additional Director Nadeem Ahsan and Assisstant Director Amjad Rajpar, Apprasiing Officer Insram Rabbani and Zafar Iqbal to monitor such consignments imported from China.

One such consignment imported from M/s Raazy Motor Industries (Pvt) Ltd and one by M/s Memon Motors (Pvt) Ltd filed TPs at MCC Appraisement West for transshipment of the same from KICT, Karachi to NLC Dryport Hyderabad. As per KICT weighment certificate total net weight of the consignment was found as 55.76 MT and 84.37 MT respectively prior to transshipment.

Upon reaching the NLC, dry port Hyderabad M/s Raazy Motor Industries filed GD declaring weight at 53 MT and M/s Memon Motors filed GD declaring weight at 80.36 MT. The formalities were carried out and duty/tax was paid. The consignments were out of charged/assigned to off-dock terminal for fate out.

In the wake of mis-declaration of quantity, weight and value the said consignments were online blocked by DG I&I-FBR. Joint re-examination of the consignments were conducted and the weight of the M/s Memon Motor’s consignment was found to be 37.73 MT against declared 80.36 MT and M/s Raazy Motor’s consignment was found to be 33.17 MT against declared 52.389 MT.

It has been established beyond shadow of the doubt that shortage and misappropriation of imported dutiable parts from the said consignments has been committed by the importer in collusion with their accomplices to defraud public exchequer. The goods were misappropriated enroute to dry port.

It was also found that no invoice/packing list was found from the examined container, whereas Examining officers Abid hussain Channa and Abdul Latif Shar recorded sketchy examination report without giving details of the parts/components and physical weighment of the consignment. Likewise Assessing officers Mohammad Saleem Channa and Sohail Ansari assessed the goods without calling for relevant documents. Assessment of goods is also being checked.

Intelligence sources told Customnews.pk that the practice was going on since long, and one Additional Collector posted at MCC Hyderabad was patronizing the entire ordeal running in an organized manner, the said officer is posted in MCC Hyderabad for the last almost 4 years. Upon his recommendation, one Superintendent was made officiating Assistant Collector.

However, DG I&I has overlooked the wrongdoings of these officers, while examining officers and assessing officers were booked. Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the importers, clearing agents and above mentioned Customs officials.

In December 2013, in a huge case of mis-declaration established DG I&I –FBR , appraisers Iqbal Kaimkhani, Riaz Kaimkhani; examiners Rauf Qureshi and Razak Khatri were nominated in the FIR and the investigations were carried out by the said Additional Collector, who was then a deputy collector; and all the accused were cleared. However a re-inquiry is being carried out.