KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has advised the examining officials shall give item description/trade name, serial number of the item appearing in the GD to relevant image being uploaded at the time of examination.

Similarly, where multiple images of a single item are required to help the assessment officer, such as model No., capacity, description appearing on plates affixed on the goods if any, all such images should also be uploaded showing cross matching/reference.

At present examining officers are uploading images of the items along with the examination report without synchronizing them with description of item or Sr. no. of Goods Declaration (GD). As a result, considerable time of assessing officers is wasted in the searching the relevant image of the item at the time of assessment.

The task of matching relevant image with the actual item becomes more tedious when there are numerous items in a GD, examining officials are advised to observe synchronization of item description or serial No. of item in GD to images saved/uploaded during examination.