KARACHI: Sindh governor Dr. Ishratul Ebad Khan on Tuesday inaugurated the beautification project of Edulgee Dinshaw Road i.e. Custom House Road.
In view of the prevailing reputation of the road and area, and high security risk because of the presence of compromise-able as well as criminal elements, Collector Preventive formulated a proposal to revamp and redecorate the road, so as to discourage presence of anti-social elements.
The redesigning and beautification of the Edulgee Dinshaw Road into Beauty of Edulgee Dinshaw Road, an effort to portray soft image of the area, will be completed in the shortest possible time.
On the occassion, Nazim Saleem, Chief Collector Enforcement, Tariq Huda, Collector Preventive and Shoaib Siddiqui, Commissioner Karachi were present.