KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has restored the performance allowance (equivalent to 100 percent of basic pay) of about 39 officers of Pakistan Customs Service (BS-17 to 20) following their submission of declaration of assets.
In separate notifications issued on Thursday, the FBR said that on completion of declaration of assets, the performance allowance (equivalent to 100 percent of basic pay) in respect of the following officers of Pakistan Customs Service (BS-20/19/18/17) which was discontinued vide FBR’s Notification No. 1035-IR-I/2014 dated June 04, 2014 is hereby restored with effect from September 04, 2014 in light of Para 7 of Guidelines for Performance Allowance BS-2012 circulated vide Circular No 1, C. No 1(4)M(HRM)/2012, dated July 23, 2012.
1. Mrs. Riffat A. Hassan Abidi BS-20
2. Juneid Akram BS-20
3. S. Tanveer Ahmad BS-20
4. Sarfraz Ahmad Warraich BS-20
5. Nasrullah Khan Wazir BS-19
6. Amer Rashid Sheikh BS-19
7. Muhammad Akram Ch BS-19
8. Fayyaz Anwar BS-19
9. Irfan-ur-Rehman Khan BS-19
10. Sadiqullah Khan BS-19
11. Shafique Ahmad Latki BS-19
12. Imran Ahmad Ch BS-19
13. Sajjad Hyder Jhin Jhin BS-18
14. Ms. Saadia Sheeraz BS-18
15. Sheeraz Ahmad BS-18
16. Syed Imran Sajjad Bokhari BS-18
17. S.M.AIi Zaman Gardezi BS-18
18. Muteen Alam BS-18
19. Syed Jawad All Shah BS-18
20. Muhammad Mumtaz All Raza Ch BS-18
21. Mushtaq All Shahani BS-18
22. Aamer Nawaz Hamid BS-18
23. Ms. Tahira Javed BS-18
24. Moeen Afzal All BS-18
25. Zakir Muhammad BS-18
26. Shakir Muhammad BS-18
27. Adeem Khan BS-17
28. Imran Razzaq BS-17
29. Ubaidullah BS-17
30. Abdul Hanif Khan BS-17
31. Ms. Aneeqa Afzal BS-17
32. Ammar Ahmad Mir BS-17
33. Mahmood ur Rahman Khattak BS-17
34. Ms. Nausheen Riaz Khan BS-17
35. Syed Shoaib Raza BS-17
36. Muhammad Shahzad Khan BS-17
37. Wahaj Saghir BS-17
38. Saqib-ur-Rehman BS-17
39. Ms. Farhat H Khan BS-17

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