KARACHI: Tariq Bajwa, Chiarman, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Secretary Revenue Division has approved the restoration of performance allowance (equivalent to 100 percent of basic pay) of about 46 officers of Inland Revenue Service (IRS)(BS-17 to 19), which was stopped due to non-submission of asset declaration.
In separate notifications issued on Thursday, the FBR said that on completion of declaration of assets, the performance allowance (equivalent to 100 percent of basic pay) in respect of the following officers of Inland Revenue Service (BS 17 to 19) which was discontinued vide FBR’s Notification dated June 06, 2014 is hereby restored with effect from September 06, 2014 in light of Para 7 of Guidelines for Performance Allowance 2012 circulated vide Circular No 1, C. No 1(4)M(HRM)/2012, dated July 23, 2012.
1. Pervez Ismail Memon BS-19
2. Qaiser Mehmood BS-19
3. Muzaffar Ali Soomro BS-19
4. Dr. Abdul Rehman Rind BS-19
5. Ms. Shabana Mumtaz BS-18
6. Muhammad Akbar Mahar BS-18
7. Mazhar Iqbal BS-18
8. Sardar Temur Khan Durrani BS-18
9. Tasawwar Iqbal BS-18
10. Abdur Razzaq Khan BS-18
11. Usman Shehryar BS-18
12. Mushtaq All Wagan BS-18
13. Asad Khan Luni BS-18
14. Talat Mehmood Gondal BS-18
15. Saleem-ur-Rehman BS-18
16. Bilal Hassan BS-18
17. Ms. Saima Ijaz BS-18
18. Amanat All Shar BS-18
19. Naveed All Narejo BS-18
20. Muhammad Akhtar Anjum BS-18
21. Ms. Misbah Nawaz BS-18
22. Naveed Mukhtar BS-18
23. Mumtaz All Thebo BS-18
24. Qadir Nawaz BS-18
25. Hamid Saeed Khan BS-18
26. Husnain Ahmad Hall BS-18
27. Nasir Khan BS-18
28. Muhammad Nisar Ahmad BS-18
29. Ms. Sumera Kanwal BS-18
30. Ms. Yasmin Sadaf BS-18
31. Muhammad Sarim Bhatti BS-18
32. Sami Ullah Khan BS-18
33. Sohail Ahmad BS-18
34. Osama Idrees BS-18
35. Haroon Islam BS-18
36. Tauqeer Ahmed Sujra BS-17
37. Rashida Khalil BS-17
38. Mona Baqir BS-17
39. Shamsullah Khan Panezai BS-17
40. Umair Akbar soomro BS-17
41. Zafar Jamal Khan BS-17
42. Asif Nazir BS-17
43. Muhammad Faheem Sajjad Dhariwal BS-17
44. Sajjad Hussain BS-17
45. Zahid Khan BS-17
46. Ms. Attiya BS-17

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