KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue has nominated Inland Revenue Service (IRS) Officers of BS-18 for 19th Mid Career Management Course (MCMC) at NIMs Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Islamabad.
According to circular, the nominated IRS officers are requested to confirm their willingness by November 14, 2014.
The following IRS officers for 19th MCMC are included:
Muhammad Naveed Akhtar, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Abdul Hameed Shaikh, Deputy Commissioner, Large Taxpayers Unit, Karachi
Muhammad Arif Anis, Deputy Commissioner, Regional Tax Office, Multan
Ashfaq Ahmad, Additional Commissioner (OPS), RTO, Lahore
Muhammad Zahid, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Fakhryia Anjum, Deputy Director, Addl. Directorate of Internal Audit (Inland Revenue), Peshawar
Amir Rehman Mohmand, Deputy Director, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, Islamabad (on deputation)
Saniya Farukh, Deputy Director, Directorate of Training and Research-IR, Karachi
Naveed Khan, Deputy Director, Directorate General of Immigration and Passports, Islamabad (on deputation)
Nawal Sheikh, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Lahore
Rabia Shah, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Lahore
Qaisar Ashfaq, Deputy Director, Federal Investigation Agency, Islamabad (on deputation)
Anwar Zeb, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Shehzad Mehmood, Deputy Director, Punjab Revenue Authority, Lahore (on deputation)
Dr Muhammad Khurram, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Tariq Hussain Tunio, Deputy Director, Sindh Revenue Board (SRB), Karachi (on deputation)
Fida Muhammad, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Islamabad
Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Islamabad
Ali Muhammad, Deputy Commissioner, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Muhammad Ali, Deputy Commissioner, RTO II, Lahore
Talat Mahmood, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Lahore
Ejaz Ahmed, Section Officer, Ministry of Commerce and Textile Industry, Islamabad (on deputation)
Saleem-ur-Rehman, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar
Bilal Hassan, Deputy Director, Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (Inland Revenue), Faisalabad
Muhammad Arif, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Quetta
Imran Ali Sheikh, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi
Abdul Salam Khan, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi
Khurram Ali Qadri, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore
Waqas Ahmed Bajwa, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Lahore
Saeeda Islam, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore
Saima Ijaz, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Abbottabad
Muhammad Waqas Tarar, Deputy Director, National Health Services, Islamabad (on deputation)
Usman Asghar, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore
Waqas Rashid Ch, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Lahore
Kashif Manzoor Malik, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Islamabad
Imran Qadeer, Deputy Director, Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (Inland Revenue), Karachi
Aamar Javed, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Islamabad
Abdul Qadeer Abbasi, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi
Naheed Akhtar Durrani, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-III, Karachi
Fouz Khalid Khan, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi
Muhammad Akhtar Suraj, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Bahawalpur
Amanat Ali Shar, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Karachi
Ihsan Ullah, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Islamabad
Abid Rasool Khan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Multan
Naveed Ali Narejo, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Sukkur
Abdul Wahid Shar, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi
Ali Mansoor, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Faheem Sikandar, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar
Kehkshan Khan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore
Naveed Yousaf Butt, Deputy Director, Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy, Islamabad (on deputation)
Mazhar Irshad Khan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar
Taimur Aman, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Azhar Jehangir, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Muhammad Nabeel Afzal, Deputy Secretary, Prime Minister Secretariat, Islamabad (on deputation)
Munir Ahmed Chaudhry, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Faisalabad
Muhammad Aamir Ilyas, Deputy Director, Directorate General Intelligence and Investigation (Inland Revenue), Islamabad
Attiya Rehman, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Bahawalpur
Muhammad Bilal, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Bahawalpur
Asad Bilal Jahangir, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar
Saad Waqas, Deputy Director, Directorate of I&I (IR), Lahore
Maria Sharif, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Misbah Nawaz, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Lahore
Sobia Mazhar, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-III, Karachi
Tahseen Sadiq Tarar, Additional Commissioner (OPS), RTO, Sialkot
Muhammad Ijlal Khan, Deputy Director, Directorate of I&I (IR), Lahore
Qadeerullah, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Muhammad Zafar Haider Jappha, Deputy Director, Ministry of Housing and Works, Islamabad
Tanveer Iqbal, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Gujranwala
Rafia Ilyas Awan, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Lahore
Humaira Daud, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Karachi
Naveed Mukhtar, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Islamabad
Qurratulain, Deputy Director (Admin), Information and Culture Department, Government of Punjab, Lahore (on deputation)
Tariq Iqbal, Second Secretary (Hq), FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Malang Jan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar
Zafar Iqbal, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Gujranwala
Aisha Dilshad, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar

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