KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has bifurcated ERM in to two sections to monitor the mandatory requirement of declaration of assets by BS-16 and above officers.
In a notification issued on Monday, Muhammad Majid Secretary Management Inland Revenue said that owing to the heavy work load of ERM Section, the authority had ordered bifurcation of ERM Section in to two sections.
The FBR designated Second Secretary (ERM-I) for the jurisdiction over Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs) of (BS-16 and above) officers/officials of all Field Formations of FBR and FBR Headquarters, Islamabad and all existing functions except declaration of assets.
Second Secretary ERM-II has been designated for the jurisdiction over declaration of assets of (BS-16 and above) officers/officials of all field formations of FBR and FBR Headquarters, Islamabad.
The FBR for the last many years had been warning the officers of Inland Revenue and Pakistan Customs of disciplinary actions for not complying with the mandatory requirement of submitting asset declaration on annual basis.
The sources said that the FBR had been disappointed with the response from the officers in complying the mandatory requirement.