KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of Hyderabad has announced schedule for auction of confiscated and seized goods to be held on October 24 and 25 at Hyderabad and Sukkur.
The confiscated goods and vehicles that will be auctioned at the office of the assistant collector, customs, Sukkur on October 24 and 25 are included:
Lot No. 99/2013 &32/2014:
Tractor Rear Tyres (Made as India)
Grease (Made in Iran) 537.5 Kgs & 50 kg damage
Bicycle decoration tape small size 1000pcs – 100 damage condition
Bicycle Chamak Patti Small Size 14 Rolls – 04 damage condition.
Tyres with tubes and Langoti Size 136/131 (8.25-20) CEAT TJ/FM Super (Made in India)
Mobil Oil (Made in Iran) 720-75-645 liters.
Lot No. 23/2014:
Toyota Surf Bearing Reg No. Nil, Chassis No. VZN-185-0207094, Engine No. Nil. Model 1998, 3378 CC.
Lot No. 09/2014:
Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep (VX Limited) 05 door Reg. No. BC-5874, Chassis No. LJ78-0001082, Engine No. 2L-2607606, Model 1990-91.
Lot No. 17/2014:
Honda Civic Car Bearing Reg. No. AAV-071 (Sindh), Chassis No. EK3-3109825, Engine No. D15B-3013689, Model 1996.
Lot No. 126/2013:
Toyota Indus Corolla Car Bearing Reg. No. ADZ-487, Chassis No. EE101-0067342, Engine No. 7A-5845998, Model 1993, 1300CC.
Lot No. 106/2013:
Toyota Crown Saloon Car Bearing Reg. No. ABR-644, Chassis No. IZ5175-0086278, Engine No. Nil, Model 2004, 3000CC.
Lot No. 128/2013:
Toyota Surf Bearing Reg. No. JSA-263, Chassis No. LN130-7001914, Engine No. 2L-301411, Model 1992, 3000CC.
Lot No. 12/2014:
Suzuki Jimny Jeep Bearing Reg. No. BD-7270 (Sindh), Chassis No. JB33WW-106493, Engine No. J13B, Model 1998, 1298CC.
Lot No. 118/2013:
Suzuki Jimny Jeep Bearing Reg. No. BD-7137 (Karachi), Chassis No. JB33W-111003, Engine No. J13B, Model 1998, 1298CC.
Lot No. 95/2013:
Toyota Surf bearing Reg. No. WAA-552, Chassis No. RZN185-9014904, Engine No. 3RZ-FE, Model 1998.
Lot No. 96/2013:
Toyota Surf Applied for registration -2013, Chassis No. KZN185-0030854, Engine No. IKZ-0295979 (As per physical) IKZ-T2892 (As per biscuit/tickly) Model 1999-2000.
Lot No. 33/2012:
Oil Tanker bearing Reg. No. JP-1234 (06 Wheeler), Chassis No. J6LZ5-172515, Engine No. I/J4E6-155521, Model 1968.
The list of confiscated goods / vehicles ripe for auction in respect of state warehouse (Hyderabad), MCC Hyderabad.
Lot No. 54/12-13 (DII):
Cloth Taffeta in Rolls (foreign origin), 25 bundles (645 kg).
Lot No. 39/13-14 (SPASS):
Polyester Fabric (Parda Cloth) (foreign origin), five bundles (345 kgs)
Lot No. 72/13-14 (DII):
Tyres Gold Shield (Made in China), 10 Nos.
Lot No. 09/12-13 (DII):
New Tyres GT-879 Redial Tyre with tube and Langot size 11.00R20 16PR/(Made in China) 25 Nos.
Lot No. 29/13-14 (SPASS):
Cotton Drill Cloth (foreign origin), 90 Rolls (1550 kgs).
Lot No. 60/12-13 (DII):
Jersey Cloth Hang Fang various colours (foreign origin), 14 boars (610kgs).
Lot No, 73/12-13 (DII):
CNG Cylinders (Foreign Origin), 04 Nos.
Lot No. 80/12-13 (DII):
Cloth (foreign origin), 05 balls (835kgs).
Lot No. 75/13-14 (DII):
Head lights LED (foreign origin), 1570 pcs.
Lot No. 80/13-14 (DII):
Black tea (foreign origin), 180 bags (12,770 kgs)
Lot No. 83/13/-14 (DII):
Black Tea (foreign origin), 43 bags (1795 kgs).
Lot No. 07/14-15 (SPASS):
Black Tea (foreign origin) 40 bags (Wt.3020kgs)
Lot No. 04/13-14 (DII)
Tyres (foreign origin), 53 Nos
Lot No. 81/12-14 (DII):
Soap (foreign origin), 199 cartons
Lot No. 58/13-14 (SPASS):
Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep Reg. No. AFR-2014, Model 1994, one unit (old and used).