KARACHI: The Model Collectorate of Customs of Appraisement West has detected gross mis-declaration of description, value, quantity and tariff in consignments imported vide Transshipment by M/s Khyber Traders.

Transshipment (TP) are causing billions of rupees revenue loss to the exchequer because there is no examination of consignments on the landing port, and these TPs destined to dry ports are examined at the destination ports. [the_ad id=”31605″] Since, there is no examination, hence whatever is declared has to be accepted. These containers are emptied at various spots enroute  particularly in Seraiki belt where there are several godowns, where these containers are emptied and filled with the scrap or other goods matching the weight. Even in Karachi these containers are emptied in Lyari, Shershah and Mangopir.

Sources said that the entire scam is running under the patronage of political figures, bureaucrats and other influential people.

It may be mentioned here that, FBR has not made it mandatory for the TP containers to get the tracking system fixed.

In a recent incident, DG I&I and staff of MCC Appraisement West carried out joint examination of a TP imported by M/s Khyber Traders destined for MCC Appraisement Hyderabad.

The physical examination has transpired that there was gross mis-declaration in respect of description, value, quantity and PCT.j