KARACHI: Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has expressed dismay over the attitude of senior officers of Inland Revenue (IR) and directed that the senior officers in the field should take extra efforts in furnishing replies and complaints referred by the Federal Tax Ombudsman.

The FTO in a correspondence with the Chairman FBR noted that the comments forwarded by the department in various inquiries and complaints being dealt by FTO, were too sketchy and lend no assistance to FTO to examine the case properly.

“This shows the apathy on the part of field officers while sending replies to this office,” FTO noted.

The FTO also referred to the reply sent by Rajab ud din commissioner IR, Karachi in a complaint filed by M/s Thermoplas (Pvt) Ltd that the reply lent no assistance in examining the case.

“It will be appreciated if appropriate directions are issued to the senior officers in the field to take extra efforts in furnishing replies to complaints referred by this office. This would enable this office to examine and dispose of the cases in proper way,” the FTO noted in the correspondence to Chairman FBR.