KARACHI: Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation-FBR has announced auction for confiscated vehicles and goods at CPF Bond Warehouse Rasheedabad, SWH on September 10, 2014.
On Monday, a notification said that the auction-able vehicles and goods are lying at State Warehouse.
The auction-able vehicles are included:
Mercedes Benz Car (model 1998);
Toyota Corona Car (model 1991);
Toyota Crown Car (model 1997); and
Mercedes Benz (model 1994)
The auction-able goods are included:
Art silk cloth of foreign origin (F/O);
Old and used audio CD/cassettes players, F/O;
Ladies art silk cloth 38 bundles, F/O;
Generators spare parts F/O;
Electronic goods F/O;
New tyres F/O;
Old and used tyres F/O;
Mobile chargers, assessors and misc. goods F/O;
Old and used tyres assorted brand F/O;
China I Phone V (slightly used);
China I Phone IV (slightly used);
China I Phone S-III (slightly used);
China Samsung Galaxy S-III (slightly used);
China HTC (slightly used);
Black tea F/O;
Black tea of Iran origin (Tea Dust);
Plastic coated Aluminium foil F/O;
Indian woolen carpets; and
Samsung LED