KARACHI: The officers proceeding abroad for training under any technical assistance program through various foreign scholarships would be treated as on duty, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) said on Thursday.
FBR said that the inter- ministerial meeting was held at Economic Affair Division (EAD) in which the representatives of EAD and Establishment Division determined the technical and non-technical status of training courses/scholarships offered by various donor organization and foreign countries.
In this regard, EAD has divided the categories of various training courses/scholarships into technical and non-technical assistance programs in order to distinguish the status of duty of the officers.
The following technical assistance programs under which the officers are to be treated as on duty including:
Netherland Fellowship Program;
Sweden International Development Agency (SIDA Training Program);
German-assisted facilities;
Norwegian Scholarships;
Japan International Agency (JICA);
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP);
Korean International Co-operation Agency;
Singapore Colombo Plan Third Country Assistance;
Islamic Development Banks Scholarships and
AusAid Scholarships
The following are non-technical assistance programs at various universities/institutions under which the officers are not to be treated as on duty/deputation including:
Hubert Humphrey Fellowship;
British Chevening Scholarship;
Fulbright Scholarship and
Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship