KARACHI: In order to issue payment of dues to the officials of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) died during service or post retirement, the authorities strictly directed the field formation to send their details/information for the settlement within 30 days.
In this regard, the FBR issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) in respect of in-service death of FBR employees.
The revenue body has observed that no proper SOPs are adopted in cases of deaths in services of the FBR employees.
The authorities have also observed that at times, the field offices belatedly inform FBR headquarters of the death in services for issuance of the notification of condolences.
It also said that the relief to the bereaved family under the prime minister’s package and other admissible payments are also delayed considerably by the concerned field offices.
The following SOPs have been approved by the competent authority for strict implementation:
In case of the death of a serving or retired FBR employee, the concerned field office shall immediately issue a circular providing therein time and venue of Jinaza (funeral) and the contact details of the bereaved family;
The concerned head of department or his representative who must be a senior officer, shall attend Jinaza of the deceased employee;
Flower, wreath shall be laid on the grave of deceased employee immediately after the funeral on behalf of chairman and members of FBR;
The head of field offices shall extended complete cooperation to the bereaved family and ensure maximum facilitation in the Jinaza and afterwards;
Ijtimai dua (collective prayers) shall be held in concerned office.
The following measures shall be taken in case of death in service:
FBR headquarters shall be immediately informed of the sad demise of the employee for issuance of the notification condolence on behalf of the federal government;
The management wing shall immediately notify condolence message on the standard format;
The concerned field offices shall inform the bereaved family about the prime minister’s assistance package and other dues admissible to the family within seven days of the death of employee. Copy of the prime minister’s assistance package shall also be furnished to the bereaved family, both English and Urdu;
Any information/documents required for making the payments should specially be mentioned in the above letter and attached;
Where no information/documents are to be required, payments of the dues should be finalized within 30 days;
Where certain information/documents are to be obtained, a regular contact through letters and telephone calls shall be made with the family and the case finalized within 60 days;
The concerned head of field offices shall take personal interest in facilitation of the bereaved family and payments of the admissible dues/other provisions of the prime minister’s assistance package. In case of any lapse on the part of department, the responsibility may be fixed by the concerned head of office under intimation to the board.