KARACHI: In order to facilitate trade and ensure seamless working at assessment stage, the MCC Port Qasim has distributed work amongst Principal Appraisers and Appraising Officers during Eid days.
Deputy Collector Ather Naveed, Examining Officers Mohammad Rauf Khan and Ihsan-ul-Haq Chaudry would remain present at Examination sections (QICT, UAB, One-Customs and Bulk) on July 28; Deputy Collector Ather Naveed and Examining Officers Abdul Rasheed Qureshi, Ali Shah on July 30; Deputy Collector Ather Naveed and Examining Officers Qamar Mubeen, Ali Shah on July 31 while Deputy Collector Ather Naveed and Examining Officer Abdul Rasheed Qureshi would remain present on August 01, 2014.
This is for the first time that special distribution of work has been carried out for Eid.
Principal Appraiser Syed Hamid Umer, Appraising Officers Qasim Shaikh and Hafiz Mohammad Jokhio would be serving on Monday July 28; Principal appraiser Javed Hasan, Examining Officer Asif Shaikh and Appraising Officer Imtiaz hussain Khan on Wednesday July 30; Principal appraiser Syed Hamid Umer, Examining Officers Mohammad Idrees and Mohammad Saleem on Thursday July 31 and Principal appraiser Ghulam Murtaza Bangash, Examining Officer S.M Fawad and Appraising Officer Ms Maira Gulrez would serve on Friday August 01, 2014.
Similarly, MCC Appraisement West has notified that Principal Appraiser Asad Masood and Appraising Officers Abdul Aziz, Haris Ahmed Khan and Shair Khan would serve before Eid day; Principal Appraiser Muzaffar Ali Rizvi, Appraising Officers Ameer Ahmed, Arshad Ahmed and Abdul Kalam Khan would serve on 2nd day of Eid; Principal Appraiser Abdullah dombki, Appraising Officers Rana Mohammad Naseer, Nawab Tauqeer Ahmed and Shair Khan would serve on 3rd day of Eid.