KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has officially declared the premises on Port Qasim Road as the Customs House Port Mohammad bin Qasim. The premises was originally a dispensary and was being illegally used by Customs for the last 20 years.

The FBR has declared the building having dimensions 130 feet front (west), 130 feet (east), 150 feet (North), 150 feet (South) as Customs House Port Qasim. The measurement of the building has been done quite systematically as this would be quite visible through the satellite as the Customs House.

The credit of this development goes to Dr. Jawwad Uwais Agha Collector Port Qasim. He also has written a letter to the Port Qasim Authority for the allotment of a plot for setting up offices of assessment, review and second review.

Presently, all the above mentioned tasks are undertaken at the port, which has posed a security risk. In order to minimize public dealing at the port, Dr. Jawwad Agha has decided to move the assessment and review staff away from the port.

It was learnt that the Port Authority is likely to allot the said plot within a week where the offices of assessment, review and second review would be setup while only examination of imported consignments would be performed at the port.

It may be mentioned here that stringent security measures have already been taken at the Customs House, Karachi as intelligence agencies have issued an alert to all government institutions and departments regarding possible sabotage attempt.

It may be mentioned here that military has launched an offensive in North Waziristan and a widespread reaction in the shape of sabotage activities and terrorism is anticipated across the country.

Experts are of the view that country’s internal security should have been strengthened prior to the military-operation, so that any untoward reaction could have been thwarted.

Moreover, proper arrangements should have been made for the settlement of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

These IDPs would now be pushed all the way to Karachi creating administrative issues for the provincial government. “The military has launched the offensive in North Waziristan and only Karachi would bear the cost,” an expert said.