KARACHI: On the request of Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA), the Chief Minister of Sindh has extended the date of Taxpayers’ Incentive Package for non-compliant taxpayers who have not paid the arrears of sales tax on services till now, said Tafsheen K Niaz, Chairman, Sindh Revenue Board in a letter.
In this regard, it is requested to issue a notification of extending date of the taxpayers Incentive Package by June 25, 2014 and it said that the KTBA and its members will reciprocate and extend their full cooperation for the purpose.
The incentive provided the waiver of 75 percent amount of default surcharge and then only remaining 25 percent of default surcharge will be liable to pay.
The package also ensured 100 percent waiver of penalties, and immunity from arrest and prosecutions.
It said that most of the tax consultants are not registered with SRB therefore they are non-compliant of their tax liabilities and responsibilities whereas, only 35 percent tax consultants have so far registered with the board.
Niaz said that KTBA should advise and encourage their members to become compliant persons and also making their clients/services recipients tax compliant by availing the benefits and concessions.
“It is expected that the KTBA members, covered by the tariff description tax consultants of tariff heading 9815.9000 of the second schedule to the Sindh sales tax on services Act, 2011 shall avail the package and become tax compliant persons,” a circular said.
The chairman said, “It is pertinent to say that tax consultants are expected to be the persons who enforce and comply with the provisions of the tax statutes and besides compliance of the tax laws by themselves, they also get the tax statutes compiled by their clients/service recipients.”