KARACHI: Auction for general cargo will be held on June 24, 2014 at SNK Bond, Karachi by Pakistan customs, notification said on Monday.
The following auction-able goods are included:
PWL-02/90-PB M/s. SNK traders: Aluminium Alloy; Watch parts pin; TV volves; electro mechanical tools; clips.
PWL-16/79-PB M/s. zeenat shirts: TV parts; mini board.
PWL-12/86 M/S MEHRAN STEEL: Spare Parts for Diesel Engine of Power Plant, Axial Piston Pumps Axial Piston Motors, Spare Parts for Diesel Engine of Power Plant, Display Stand of Woods+5 D/S, Spare Parts for Phenomatic Cylinder, Thread Grade, Tools & Equipment.
PWL-24/79. M/S. Popular Tobacco: Auto Parts, Tiles Assorted size.
PWL-07/83. Islam Brothers: Tyre and tube Repair Materials.
PWL-04/81. PB-M/s. Waris & Waris: Wind Steel Glasses Shield.
PWL-04/80. M/s. Northern Traders: Printed Aluminium Foil Waste Scrap with Plastic backing.
PWL-01/2001. M/s. Fatima Warehousing: Electric Motors, Mobile Greease.
PWL-03/1996. M/s. Valika Art: Ceramic Tiles, Glazed Un-Polished Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic Tiles,
PWL-24/79. M/s. Popular Tobacco: Ceramic Border and Polished Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Procelain Un-Polished Tiles, Ceramics tiles.
PWL-04/81. M/s. Waris & Waris: Hydraulic Oil, Ceramic Tiles.