ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has taken stern action against 94 officials of BS-17&18 by stopping performance allowance for not submitting their asset declaration, which is mandatory for filing annually and was reminded by the board several times during last two years.
In a notification issued on Friday, the board stopped the performance allowance – 100 percent of basic pay – of 104 officials in which 53 officials belonged to Inland Revenue Services and 41 in Pakistan Customs Services. The performance allowance has been stopped with immediate effect.
The action taken against the officers was under Para 2 of Guidelines for Performance Allowance 2012 and Para 12 of Government Servants (Conduct Rules, 1964), read with Sl. No. 23-A, Chapter 9 titled Conduct, Efficiency & Discipline of Esta Code 2010.
It is worth mentioning here that the performance allowance was granted to the officials of the FBR under World Bank assisted programme namely Tax Administration Reform Programme (TARP) to accelerate the working of field formation for broadening the tax base as well as increase in revenue collection.
The officials of IRS whose performance allowance stopped are included:
01. Abdul Hameed Abro, BS-18
02. Talha Aziz Khan, BS-18
03. Dr. Sajid Hussain Arain, BS-18
04. Ms. Shabana Mumtaz, BS-18
05. Ms. Noreen Ashraf, BS-18
06. Muhammad Akbar Mehar, BS-18
07. Mazhar Iqbal, BS-18
08. Sardar Temur Khan Durrani, BS-18
09. Tasawwar Iqbal, BS-18
10. Abdur Razzaq Khan, BS-18
11. Usman Shehryar, BS-18
12. Syed Ali Irfan Rizvi, BS-18
13. Mushtaque Ali Wagan, BS-18
14. Asad Khan Luni, BS-18
15. Talat Mahmood, BS-18
16. Saleem-ur-Rehman, BS-18
17. Dr. Amber Sohail
18. Bilal Hassan, BS-18
19. Ms. Saima Ijaz, BS-18
20. Rana Khawar Iftikhar Ahmad, BS-18
21. Amanat Ali Shar, BS-18
22. Naveed Ali Narejo, BS-18
23. Farasat Ali Shah, BS-18
24. Muhammad Akhtar Anjum, BS-18
25. Ms. Misbah Nawaz, BS-18
26. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, BS-18
27. Naveed Mukhtar, BS-18
28. Mumtaz Ali Thebo, BS-18
29. Qadir Nawaz, BS-18
30. Hamid Saeed Khan, BS-18
31. Husnain Ahmad Hali, BS-18
32. Nasir Khan, BS-18
33. Muhammad Nisar Ahmad, BS-18
34. Ms. Sumera Kanwal, BS-18
35. Ms. Yasmin Sadaf, BS-18
36. Muhammad Sarim Bhatti, BS-18
37. Sami Ullah Khan, BS-18
38. Sohail Ahmad, BS-18
39. Osama Idrees, BS-18
40. Haroon Islam, BS-18
41. Abdul Basit, BS-17
42. Tauqeer Ahmed Sujra, BS-17
43. Ms. Sadeea Nadeem, BS-17
44. Ms. Rashida Khalil, BS-17
45. Ms. Mona Baqir, BS-17
46. Shamsullah Khan Panezai, BS-17
47. Umair Akbar Soomro, BS-17
48. Zafar Jamal Khan, BS-17
49. Asif Nazir, BS-17
50. Muhammad Faheem Sajjad Dhariwal, BS-17
51. Sajjad Hussain, BS-17
52. Zahid Khan, BS-17
53. Ms. Attiya, BS-17
Similarly, the officer of Pakistan Customs are included:
01. Sajjad Hyder Jhin Jhin, BS-18
02. Ms. Saadia Sheeraz, BS-18
03. Sheeraz Ahmad, BS-18
04. Syed Imran Sajjad Bokhari, BS-18
05. S. M. Ali Zaman Gardezi, BS-18
06. Muteen Alam, BS-18
07. Syed Jawad Ali Shah, BS-18
08. Ghulam Mustafa, BS-18
09. Muhammad Mumtaz Ali Raza Chaudhry, BS-18
10. Muhammad Faisal Khan, BS-18
11. Yousuf Ali Khan Magsi, BS-18
12. Mushtaq Ali Shahani, BS-18
13. Aamer Nawaz Hamid, BS-18
14. Ms. Tahira Javed, BS-18
15. Tahir Habib Cheema, BS-18
16. Moeen Afzal Ali, BS-18
17. Zakir Muhammad, BS-18
18. Shakir Muhammad, BS-18
19. Syed Faisal Saeed Bokhari, BS-17
20. Adeem Khan, BS-17
21. Imran Razzaq, BS-17
22. Ubaidullah, BS-17
23. Abdul Rasheed, BS-17
24. Wajeeh Jamal, BS-17
25. Abdul Hanif Khan, BS-17
26. Muhammad Ali Asad Khan, BS-17
27. Fazli Shakoor, BS-17
28. Ms. Aneeqa Afzal, BS-17
29. Ammar Ahmad Mir, BS-17
30. Mohammad Rehan Akram, BS-17
31. Jahanzeb Abbasi, BS-17
32. Mahmood Ur Rahman Khattak, BS-17
33. Ms. Nausheen Riaz Khan, BS-17
34. Syed Shoaib Raza, BS-17
35. Muhammad Shahzad Khan, BS-17
36. Wahaj Saghir, BS-17
37. Syed Talha Salman, BS-17
38. Sohaib Anwar Hashmi, BS-17
39. Saqib-ur-Raihman, BS-17
40. Muhammad Arslan Majeed Rana, BS-17
41. Farhat H. Khan, BS-17
A day ago the FBR also stopped the performance allowance of defaulting officers of BS-19&20.
Senior FBR officials said that it was a great step taken by the board because it would help in preventing corruption and creating a deterrence amongst the people, who have taxable income but not paying towards national exchequer.
The FBR circulated the instruction to submit asset declaration through a circular No. 1 on July 23, 2012 and subsequent reminders issued on May 13, 2013, June 11, 2013, July 19, 2013, December 12, 2013, January 03, 2014 and February 18, 2014 but the officers were remained failed to comply the FBR instructions.
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