KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has notified that process of delivering cash rewards to the staff officials are not being implementing in its true spirit by the field offices of tax authorities.
FBR directed their concerned officials to smooth the process of cash rewards however; a notification explained the criteria of sanctioning reward to eligible officials by the concerned sanctioning authorities specified in rule 5 of Unified Reward Rules-2006, with having the specific criteria.
It is to informed that the reward in case of staff (BS-1 to 16) should be made strictly in accordance with notified criteria and in no case reward should exceed 40 percent of the total working strength i.e. 20 percent for two months pay and 20 percent pay for one month pay and that too subject to availability of funds under the relevant head of account. It added that certified copy of total working strength of staff is also required to be placed on record before processing and sanctioning the reward.
Another criteria, “The cases of reward for officers (BS-17 and above) should be forwarded to the respective member incharge, subject to availability of funds in the budget grant of concerned field office. It said that the grading based on performance indicators (PIs) should be clearly mentioned against each other, justifying grant of forward.”
The FBR said, “The respective members incharge shall consider and sanction recommended reward in case of officers in BS-17 to BS-19 subject to availability of funds. The respective wing (Customs or Inland Revenue IR Wing as the case may be) shall convey approval of the member incharge to the concerned head of field office directly, endorsing a copy to HRM Wing.”
It is notified, “As regard officers in BS-20/21, the concerned member incharge shall forward the case to the member (HRM) with his recommendations and grading based on performance indicators of each officer. After approval of the chairman, FBR, it shall be conveyed to the concerned field offices for issuance of sanction.”