KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate of Preventive is holding auction of fresh and leftover lots of precious stones, vehicles and general cargo on June 02, 2014 on ‘as is where is’ basis.

The goods to be auctioned include art silk lace, cotton wicks tape, curtain cloth assorted sizes, sewing machine, Printer, Cenintrige, CD, Cassette Player, Tape recorder, Micro Oven, Elec. Typewriter, Used Drilling Machine, Hydraulic trolley, Maintenance Free Battery, Heavy Meat Chopper & Amp vacuum cleaner, Old & used Juicer Blander 3 in one, Steam Used Hair Dryer, Iron, Broken Laptop at SWH Custom House. Motor oil 50 P/cans at SWH Rasheedabad.

Other goods include Paper machine, Song Play Station, Radio Shock Digital answering Caller ID, Sheet Pad, sander, wall clock, Toaster, assorted Toys, Decoration artificial flower, Leather jacket, used LCD 17″ Monitor, 16″ CRT Monitor, E.Toaster assorted, DVD Player, VCR, Vaccum cleaner assorted, microwave oven, TV assorted, Recorder Player, Sterio Radio Cassette recorder with CD, portable Air Conditioner on wheels, Mobile Phone Nokia and Used Fridge & Bucket, Artificial Jewellary, Hex Bolts, Used (Yuyen) Blower, used Multimedia Laser Projector, luggage trolley, LCD TV 27″, Old & used Brand ZEUS 5000 Cotton waste paper cones, used Electronic Toaster, Elect irons and telephone sets at SWH Custom House.

More goods to be auctioned at SWH Custom House on June 02 include Used Small Fridge, room cooler, used Band saw Grinding Machine, tag Gun Machine with Tag for textile, 1215 Mobile Phone assorted W, O Batteries & accessories, 112 UPS No 350 El Battery Backup, old & used Charger, Adaptor, Micro Oven, Sandwich toaster, Stand Fan, Satellite Receiver, Black & White TV Small size, assorted table clock, Old & used assorted TV, Air care machine, carilling machine, cameras, umbrellas, Air straitner, digital zanpact Disk, weighing scale and Paper shredders.

Other goods put on auction at SWH Custom House include 20 cartons of Cigarettes (Pine / Maiwand), Air Conditioner ( Outer Units/ indoor Units), 343 Kgs of Polyester Fabric, Leather Jackets 126 pcs, Iranian Black Tea 5010 Kgs and black tea 7500 Kg.

Goods to be auctioned at CPF Bond SWH- III Rasheedabad include Lubricating Oil 6400 Ltr, Motor Oil 3480 Ltr, 48 Tractor Tyre, Engine St Motor Oil (iranian Origin) 1570 Ltr, Mosquito Coil (Tiger Brand) 40 Ctns, and 347 LED torches Deodorant Body spray 9 Ctns, Mobile Parts Accessories, Mother Board/Ram/Hard Disk, Old & Used Tyre, Satellite Dish Antina small, Spark Plug / Frigisquiet, Mobile Battery, Charger/Data cable/Pouch/Hand Free/M.Car Charger/Tyre with Rim/Tyre w/o Rim, Art silk cloth and gents cloth.

Vehicles to be auctioned at CPF Bond Rasheedabad include Used Toyota Land Cruiser(Parado) 1994, USED Honda Inspire Car 2005, Used ToyotaMark-X 2005, Used Toyota land Cruiser 1994, Motor Cycle 4 Wheels, one Suzuki Pickup, Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep 1994, Toyota Corolla Car 1994, toyota Land Cruiser Jeep 1995, Toyota Mark-ll Car 2000, Toyota Town ACE van 1992, BMW CAR – 7301 Model 2004, Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep 2004, Toyota Corolla Saloon Car 1993, Mitsubishi Pajero 1992, Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep 1996, Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep 1993, Toyota Corolla Car 1994 and Toyota Surf of 1994 Model.

In addition, precious stones would also be auctioned at SWH Custom House on June 02, 2014.