KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has played a practical joke with the Grade-16 officers of Preventive Collectorate as 37 BS-16 officers have been promoted to BS-16.

According to details, 28 senior preventive officers (SPO) of BS-16 have been promoted in BS-16, and now they would be Inspector Preventive Service (IPS).

These include Mansoor-ul HAsan Farooqui, S. Khalid Samar, Zahid Hussain, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Qadeer Zareef, Ansar Atta Ansar, Owais-ur-Rehman, Syed Tariq Ahmed, Gulsher Khan, Zafar Iqbal, Jameel Ahmed, Syed Raghib Hasan Jafri, Irfan Ali Kalhoro, Pervez Iqbal, Zulfiqar Ali Shaikh, Khayyam ali Soomro, Shafqat Raza Cheema, Salahuddin Wazir, Syed Muzaffar Shah, Azhar Muneer, Naeemullah Khan, Nasir Hameed Khan, Abrar Ahmed, Irfan ahmed, Javed Afzal, Imran Tahir Qureshi, Azhar Hussain Khan and Mumtaz Hussain Khan.

Moreover, nine IPS of BS-16 have been promoted to Superintendent Preventive Service (SPS), but they remain in BS-16. These include Ahmed Kabir, Arif Muneer, Mohammad Farooq, Zarrar Bin Azmat, Sarfaraz-ul-Hasan, Sahib Zar Khan, Abdul Ghaffar, Shahbaz Khan and Tanveer Ahmed Butt.

It may be mentioned here that a policy was introduced two years back when four hierarchical positions including Preventive Officer, Senior Preventive Officer, IPS and SPS are put in Grade-16. These officers having service of 25-33 years have received this so called promotion but it does not involve any sort of benefits at all.

The similar is the case with Appraisement Collectorate where Examining Officer, Appraising Officer and Principal Appraise all fall in BS-16.