KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement-West has lodged
First Information Report (FIR) against several importers and clearing agents while one clearing agent has also been arrested for committing fraud and forgery.

According to details seven individuals imported seven cars from Japan under the provisions mentioned in Import Policy Order, 2013.

The Goods Declarations (GD) for clearance of the aforesaid mentioned vehicles were filed through Custom agents, M/s Trade Line International and M/s Services. On scrutiny of the import documents and the declaration made by the importer, the age of the vehicles were found older than three years and were not importable under the Import Policy 2013, therefore, the release of the vehicles was disallowed.

Subsequently, the abovementioned custom agents on behalf of the importers provided import permission from Ministry of Commerce for release of aforementioned vehicles on one time basis subject to payment of surcharge at the rate of 5.0 percent of C&F Value and leviable duty /taxes. The vehicles were accordingly allowed release.

Thereafter, the Ministry of Commerce informed that the provided for release of the afore-referred vehicles, imported in contravention of the import Policy Order-2013 was neither embossed nor issued by the concerned section of the Ministry of Commerce and is, therefore, fake.

It was so established that the accused persons namely lhsan Ullah S/o Rabbani Fazal, , Moosa Khan S/o Muhammad Arif, Mohammad Khan S/o M. Umar, Qamar-uddin Fakhar S/o Fakhar-uddin, Safdar Ali S/o Ali Haider, Wajid Ali S/o lssa Khan, and Amanullah S/o Gul Muhammad, in association with their custom agents namely P.A Tanveer S/o Muhammad Shafi, Asif Tanveer S/o P.A Tanveer, Partners of M/s. Trade Line International and Muhammad Raza S/o Syed lrshad and Haider Abbas S/o Khursheed Haider of M/s Services, contravened the provisions of relevant laws.

The accused import manager namely, Muhammad Azam S/o Nazeer Ahmad of M/s. Trade Line International, who has also been involved in the commission of aforesaid crime, has been arrested while efforts are being made to arrest the remaining accused persons.