KARACHI: The Anti-smuggling Organization of MCC Preventive has recovered a large quantity of smuggled, non-duty paid foreign goods including alloy rims, wheel caps, nuts, bolts, stickers, packing/wrapping material and aluminum foil. The Collector of Customs Adjudication has issued show cause notice to the owner and employees of one M/s Khurshid Impex Co. for having in possession the above mentioned goods.

According to details of the case Anti-Smuggling Organization received a tip that various importers are engaged in the smuggling of foreign origin tyres and rims of assorted sizes and brands and disposing of the same in open market by mixing them with tyres and rims of assorted sizes imported through authorized route. Moreover stickers of foreign origin brands, wrapping material are also used for the packing of these smuggled / non duty paid tyres as the smuggled tyres are usually brought in unwrapped condition.

It was known that a dump was presently at premises D-249, Gali No.5, Haroonabad, Karachi and the importers were keeping both the imported as well the smuggled tyres under one roof to give lawful color to their illegal trade in case the premises is raided or investigation initiated by any law enforcement agency.

The crux of the information was immediately brought into the knowledge of ACP/HQ and operational strategy was accordingly chalked out who ordered the search of the premises after completion of legal formalities. The search so carried out revealed the presence of wrapping material, different stickers etc. besides huge quantity of foreign origin tyres, rims and wheel caps.

Subsequently detailed examination of rims, tyres and wheel caps was carried out resulted into the recovery of foreign origin tyres of different sizes, brands and origins 4212 pieces, rims 599 pieces of different sizes and models (packed in 460 cartons) and wheel caps 176 pieces.

one Mateen Tanveer S/o Tanveer Alam on behalf of M/s Khurshid lmpex appeared before ASO at NMB Wharf, Karachi. The said person handed over copies of 16 Goods Declarations further informing that his father Tanveer Alam is owner of M/s. Khurshid lmpex Co. and the detained tyres etc. were imported by M/s. Khurshid lmpex Co against these 16 Goods Declaration.

He was then issued a notice to provide documents with reference to the above mentioned GDs. However, the importer could not produce the required set of documents. It was then concluded that 1992 tyres which are not covered under 16 GDs provided by the claimant of the goods are non-duty paid hence prima facie establishing that the same were smuggled into Pakistan and were mixed with the tyres imported through authorized route to provide legal cover to unlawful nature of these 1992 tyres. The claimant had failed to prove the lawful importation of 599 Alloy Rims, 176 wheel caps, nuts & bolts (stud) 17 kgs and packing material etc. as no goods declaration have been provided to prove that the same are duty paid stuff; hence these goods were confiscated.

The value of the these goods has been calculated to be Rs6.343 million translating into duty and taxes leviable thereon at Rs3.776 million. A hearing in this regard has been scheduled on May 14, 2014.