KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has launched training programs/ courses related to e-filing of tax returns, conflict management and business process re-engineering.
The first session of the training program was held on April 10 at Directorate General of Training and Research (DGTR) on the topic of e-filing of tax returns.
The customs participated the session included:
1. Ali Ahmad Talpur, Principal Appraiser
2. Muhammad Nazeer Khan, Appraising Officer
3. Nawab Tauqeer Ahmad, Appraising Officer
4. Muzakir Shah, Examining Officer
The next training sessions will be held on April 17-18, 2014 of conflict management at DGTR, Karachi and the nominated officers are:
1. Asad Masood, Principal Appraiser
2. Arif Changezi, Appraising Officer
3. Zaman Jamali, Appraising Officer
4. Waheed Ashraf, Examining Officer
The last course scheduled to be conducted on April 23 -24, 2014 of business process reengineering at DGTR, Karachi and the nominated officers for training program are:
1. Najam us Saqib Termizi, Principal Appraiser
2. Muhammad Khalid, Appraising Officer
3. Hayatullah Khan, Appraising Officer
4. Riaz Ahmad, Examining Officer