KARACHI: The Lahore High Court has Advised D.G Khan Cement to secure NOC from the environmental protection agency for the clearance of its imported consignment of used tyres.
D.G Khan Cement had approached the Lahore High Court for the clearance if its consignment of used tyres submitting that Provincial environment protection agency had already granted environmental approval to the project of the Company under section 12 of the erstwhile Punjab Environmental Protection ACT, 1997 including the tyre derived fuel plant.
The cement company through its counsel submitted that for the purpose of condition imposed in Import Policy Order, 2013, the provincial environment protection agency be directed to issue NOC for the purpose of meeting the requirement of the Import Policy Order.
The Court has advised D.G Khan Cement to approach the environment agency along with relevant record of the environment approval granted and the said agency is directed to verify the facts and if such an approval has been granted the Agency shall certify the same in shape of a No Objection Certificate (NOC), which is required for the purpose of Import Policy Order.