KARACHI: Pakistan Customs to conduct an auction for fresh/leftover lots of vehicles and general cargo on March 17, 2014 (today) at SWH, Customs House, Karachi, Model Custom Collectorate (Preventive) said.
According to details received by customsnews.pk, “The interested bidders are requested to inspect the lots at the given location and auction of same lots will be held at CPF Bond Maripur/Rasheedabad SITE, Karachi and SWH, Customs House.”
It said that any claim for shortage of weight or quantity and length as announced at the time of providing details of lots put to auction as the announcement is approximately and not binding to deliver the announce quantity.
However, the successful bidders shall have no claim over it quantity and shall pay the extra amount due.
“The bidder will have to pay 25 percent of the amount of the highest bid as earnest money immediately after fall of hammer, failing which the bid will be cancelled and the goods will be sold to the second highest bidder or the higher after re-auctioned as deemed appropriate and a copy of CNIC,” notification said.
It said that the successful bidder will have to deposit 25 percent. “The balance of 75 percent and 10 percent of Income Tax of the approved lot will be deposited by the successful bidders within seven working days of the approval of the bid; otherwise 25 percent of the earnest money will be fortified.”
“The condition led down for auction can be changed by the competent authority before the commencement of auction of a particular lot to facilitate the auction of goods. Collector of customs reserved the right of rejections of bid/sealed offer without assigning any reason.”
A notification said that the bidder should submit and obtain NOC from various departments offices in respect of following items i.e calcium sulphur, drum explosive department, wireless apparatus from the DG telegraphs agriculture goods from the plant protection department, livestock/diary product from DG health, boiler from chief inspector of boiler, chemicals known on determination of its composition.
It added that leftover /rejected lots of previous schedule are also part of this schedule.
The descriptions of following goods are included:
1. Birla tyres
2. Tyres/tubes
3. Art silk cloth (ladies)/gents
4. Art silk lace/cotton wicks tape
5. Art silk cloth
6. Curtain cloth assorted seized
7. Motor Cycle 70 cc
8. UPS Power shield brand band
9. Reygine artificial leather
10. Pine menthol light cigarettes
11. Maiwand
12. Motor oil
13. Old and used v, cassettes/TV 14”/tape recorder/DVD player/sewing machine/printer/ceninfrige/CD,Cassettes player/tape recorder/micro oven/elec. Typewriter.
14. Used drilling machine/ hydrolic trolly/ maintenance free battery/heavy meat chopper and amp vaccum cleaner.
15. Old and used juicer blander 3 in one/steam iron/baby 4 wheel cycle/tubeless radial tyres for car.
16. Used hair dryer/iron/broken laptop, keyboard/scanner/music steel drum/ slect. TV B/W/Tape recorder/VCR.
17. Used CD audio vedio cassette (55kgs)/hot air papper
18. Artificial Jewellary
19. Used LCD 17”Monitor/16”CRT Monitor /E.Toaster assorted/DVD player/VCR/Vacuum cleaner assorted/sewing machine/microwave oven/TV assorted/recorder player/sterio radio casstte recorder with CD assorted.
20. Portable air conditioner on wheels assorted/juicer extactor/sterio head phone/E.kattle assorted/vacuum cleaner in 1/portable CD player/portable cassette recorder/LCD TV 21.6”/strength 05 ml 34 Ctns 100/sewing machine/wheel chair/laboratory refrigerator.
21. Mobile phone Nokia W/O batteries and accessories
22. Mobile phone assorted brand W/O Batteries
23. UPS No BK 350E1 battery backup
24. Used fridge and bucket
25. Hex Bolt
26. Used blower
27. Used multimedia laser prohector
28. Luggeage trolley 03 wheeler
29. LCD TV 20” old and used brand ZEUS 5000
30. Cotton waste paper cones
31. Artificial jewellary
32. Used electronic toaster/Elect kettle damage/vacuum cleaner damage/DVD player/double cassette player/E/Iron/Monuor 15”/ Telephone set.
33. Old and used charger, adopter/micro oven/ sandwitch toaster/juicer, E.kettle assorted/stand fan/settelite recover/black and white TV assorted small size/VCR, DVD assorted/speaker assorted/radio out of order/cassette, CD player with recorder/E.iron assorted.
34. Used small fridge/vacuum cleaner/room cooler
35. Old and used assorted TV/Air care machine/carling machine/assorted elec. Iron/juicer blender/hair dryer assorted/cameras broken/assorted table clock/radio/assorted speaker/DVC receiver/oven/umbrella/air straightner/digital zanpact disc/assorted gims W/o accessories/assorted CD, cassets players/type writers/weiging scale/paper shedder/DVD receiver/telephones.
36. Old and used iron/C.recorder, DVD player/radio tape recorder/TV 14”/Microwave oven/E. charger/ camera/telephone/computer speaker/juicer machine/fancy holder lamp broken/table lamp broken/washing machine/E.speaker/sewing machine.
37. Used bandsaw grinding machine/tag gun machine with tag for textile.
38. Motor cycle-jing ke without tyre
39. Used tyre (yokohama-4 and bridgestone-2)
40. Used tyres of different brand
41. Used tube less tyre
42. Used tyre
43. LCD monitor
44. Tinta colour keune/super tener/hand free/used tyre/tester/mobile phone charger/cover.
45. VHF transreciever new with accessories
46. PMT transformers
47. Radiator China New/tyre used
48. Yamaha Motor Cycle parts (cylindrical/coil lgnation/pully starter Asy/guard sprocket/drum starter.
49. Toyota genuine parts (parts and pump)
50. Airfreshner/wiper for car/horn/shine and protect/spectrium solar control film
51. Tyres/generator parts assorted
The auction-able vehicles are included:
1. Used Toyota Land Cruiser (Parado) (Model 1994)
2. Used Honda Inspire Car (Model 2005)
3. Used Toyota Mark-X (Model 2005)
4. Used Toyota Land Cruiser (Model 1994-2982cc)