KARACHI: Director Audit Customs has identified that Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Sukkur failed to dispose of seized goods including vehicles and perishable items worth Rs46 million approximately, risking the deterioration and decay of the subject goods.
According to section 182 of the Customs Act, 1969, the property of confiscated goods vests in the Federal Government and the same are to be disposed off by the Customs authorities in accordance with the provisions of sections 168, 169 and 201 of the Customs Act as per procedure laid down in the Auction Rules 2001.
However, contrary to this, during the examination of record in state ware house, Sukkur it was observed that a large quantity of perishable goods in nine cases, with seizure value of Rs.11,116,000 seized by the Customs during the period from October, 2012 to June, 2013 were still awaiting disposal. The goods being perishable were required to be disposed of without any delay but the same were still awaiting disposal and were being deteriorate and there were chances of becoming the goods unfit for human consumption and / or prey to deterioration.
During examination of record in the state ware house, Sukkur, it was observed that twenty one 21 cases 21 vehicles with a seizure value of Rs.18,570,000 were seized/confiscated by the Customs authorities during the period from September, 2012 to July 2013. The vehicles were required to be disposed off/auctioned without any delay. Further, the vehicles had been stored in open place and were deteriorating every day for being open to sun, dust, rain and other weather affects.
During the examination of record in state ware house, Sukkur, it was observed that in 11 cases, miscellaneous seized/confiscated goods, including arms & ammunition in one case, with seizure value of Rs.16,306,500 were awaiting disposal .
The Department Audit Committee (DAC) directed the MCC to pursue adjudication at the relevant forum and expedite disposal of goods.