KARACHI: The Institute of Tender Management is conducting workshops from February 13 to educate the government officials including the staff of Pakistan Customs to educate them about the PPRA rules.
In a letter sent to Pakistan Customs, the institute – affiliated with Skill Development Council, Lahore (Government of Pakistan) – is conducting the following workshops as per program. It said that the participants can attend workshops where an insight of PPRA rules can be of great benefit for procuring agencies to avoid mis-procurement and for suppliers and contractors to make their tender more responsive.
The workshop will cover the issues and problems related to the application of PPRA Rules and will elaborate the methods to resolve them according to PPRA Rules.
The workshop on contract management will cover drafting bidding and contract documents for works and goods including international contract incoterms and opening of letter of credit, contractual risk allocation claims and dispute resolution mechanism.
The workshops will be held at Lahore on February 13-15, at Rawalpindi on February 19-21 and at Karachi from February 28 to March 01, 2014.