KARACHI: Auction for left over vehicles and lots of general cargo will be commenced from February 1 to 8, 2014 at West Wharf by Pakistan Customs, a notification issued on Saturday.
The following auction-able goods are included:
Page 1 Tyre scraps; Motor parts/Elec .Motrs; Monitor/Printer; Machinery Relay; Nickle sulphate in plastic drms/cans 9 drms; Computer Speaker; Old and used x-ray Machine; Wooden furniture; O/u Iron Plate; Metal fixed Ring; Sport goods (1) Dyed trouser Jumping role; Used Medical equipment; Old and used Batteries scrap; Air conditioners accessories for motor car parts; Digital electric scale; Photo State Machine; Chemical; New air filter 3cts; Bulb 200W; Bulb 300W; Wooden scak; Plastic lunch box;
Parasinect type cloths; Sticker 2 ctns catalogs bio rad; Springs Leares; Wooden stair; Old and used computers accessories; Wood made polished furniture; Molding Thread winding Machine & Textile Machinery; Remote Control; Mould for air conditioner wall; Parts for ; Wood Made Frames; Furniture Wooden; House hold goods; Decoration Pieces; calendar 2007-2008; Parinted Material ; relays; Aluminum Plastic Coated Film roll; Printed Books/assorted Tiles; Remote Control;Phot Card/Adopter; Electric Plugs; Glass of fla; Gyma Laboratories 01 Drum; Sash asys studs nuts;
Aluminum Scrap; Auto Parts; Aluminum Scrap; Used Shoes 235 bales; Cotton Waste PP Bags; Hertrecveny Qteamboilers Equipment erection etc; Molokhiar Seed; 160 drums Moulises; Tyre with rim; One Plts 100 Pits polyester yard; O/CTN State pencil each 100 x 48 =4800; O/U Palele Trolley with when; Auto parts; Paper cutting; 160 Drums toluene Dil So cyantate Hdmuxgkn3100775; Natural Re-Cycled granules hdmu26246671; Prinho holy books (assorted); Fine Cally bricks; Hardener MEC-75 Epoxy resin; Sulphur yellow in gramulor; Calcium Cabide; Bowlers; Dry Battery Cell Ball pens etc; EVA sheet assorted color;
Real fining leather stdin roll; 2. Leather Dacket 1 Coat; 3. Old and used Leather finishing/Grinding machine 1.5 Horse Power; Plertic shoppintg/Paeung bags aluminum foil printed waste papwer and etc; Sand box; Gas kite alveoli gas kite loose; telephone set shad 25; Medical equipment; New Computerized embroidery machine; Wood made polished furniture; Plastic cans; Hair & skin Dryer 222 Pcs; Dish Wash 36 Pcs; full automatic washing Machine electronic Water Level 40 pcs; Old & Used ball bearing; Auto Parts for lifters oil filters & tyres bwib.
SH Clothing; ready Made Garments; Derpnat Marked On Good ( in bulk); Prmtai Almmin Finl; Used Coomprerssor Scrap; Both side coated art pages glossy; Electric Panel; Hand tool New; Used Tyres; Machinery Parts used; Auto Part Iron Steel Shaft; Used Tyres; PSASSKLE PIPE Steel Plate; Cam shaft Assorted Type Auto parts; Electric Moarot Parts; PVC Cable Call Cutting Scrap; Eecilxator parts (Detail are in Additoinal (1) Shaft 4 pcs (2) Itydralic Gear 06 Pcs (3) Nit/Bait 1600 Kg (4) Hyclmlic Cylinder 4 pcs and etc; Value and Flon; fire Service; Medical equipment.
Printed Aluminum foil scrap; paper in board, both sides sheet color card; arctic mati paper in sheets, kraft paper; rest is self paper; scrap auto part; waste metal springs in bundles; catakigyes; window channel plastics etc; machinery part; German Embassy; Exercise books in assorted sizes sticker clock video cassettes etc; electric rolled coil.
Used medical instruments; cotton waste; tape jumbo rolls with woven fabric; waste paper in bundles; tyre scrap; bucking substrate rolls; iron & steel auto parts; phenolic resin 233 friction dust black; oven parts; ex-used machinery, postal air mailtickets; iron mesr coils & sheets; iron spring; machinery parts; auto parts; pmaterial; oil filter with joint , oil seal, bush gear, ring, body cover, auto parts, electric breaker parts; turbin parts iron & steel thin wire coils in rusty condition; auto parts hardware items; pusty textile parts; iron steel remstal; print miss printed plastic; tyres with rim;, auto parts, drill parts; used auto bearing; old and used tapper rollers bearing.
Used Daihatsu mira car; used Suzuki every; SH clothing etc; U.Suzuki wagnor; Suzuki sambar; Sabaru sambur; Suzuki solio; Toyota corolla; iron steel serap; bonut plastic body parts door front and etc; Toyota Passo car; Honda stream car; Mitsubishi car; Suzuki swift; monitor picture tube; Toyota wish car; catout STUF switch lextile parts; used wooden pallets.
The auction of following goods will be held from February 5 to 6, 2014 which includes:
Old & used Plastic Can used Value 7 Pcs Old & Used Cable; Desriphar Show an computer sheet talcum powder; Cotton Yarn on Cons packed in andpp bag; Despnat marked on goods in bulk; Used compressor scrap; Old and oused waste metals prings; Polyster Fabric; Old and used waster metals prings; Polyester Fabric; Old and used waste metals prings; Old and used waste metal prings; Generator set & Vaccume cleaner; Crates Water cooled; Auto Parts.
Auto Parts Scrap; Old and used computer monitor assaorted size 14” and 15” =1000 pcs; Bediftqty 04 Nos; Glass cullets assorted; Aluminum Mioor Double Coated each pallet 50 pcs size 8ft x 6ft 5mm; Cement concrete block each 192 pcs total 960 pcs; Kercseme; Gents cotton; Cooking Oil; SH Clothing; furniture.
New valve PV100/100; Hose Pipe and tools; Dialysis Machine; Heating Tube Tank; Electric Drill Press Machine 16mm; Gallen Komp; Used Pully (Genuine Detroit diesel); Used Heavy Radiators; Cable for hard Disk; Used Assorted size Bearing 2390 Kg; Used Bearing Part Ball Outer Cover 810Kg; Refrigerator; Computer Printer 3 pcs; Trolly Stand 23 Pcs; Safe Lack 2 Pcs; Printer 01 pcs; Weighing Scale 5 Pcs; diabble Chair 3 pcs; Water Can 02 pcs
The auction for left over vehicles will be held on February 7 to 8, 2014 which includes:
o/u Truck 6 Wheeler; Toyota DX Probax Model 2007 1496 cc; Used Nissar Pick CCPI clipper; Suzuki Wagonar, Model 2009 CH No.MH23S 155308 (660cc) One Unit; Used Nissan marach (Model 2008) 1386 cc; Used Toyota Axio car (Model 2007) 1496cc; Used Toyota Wish Car 794cc; BMW Jeep x3 chassis No. WBAPD12040 wg 49318 Capacity 19959 Model 2007; Old & Used fire engine Brnd:Volvo chasis No.YRIF6A4A4KB31303, Model 1997; Used Toyota Corolla Model: 2008, chasis No. NZE41-6092916; Used Mazda Serum Model 2007 Chasis No. DG63T417622; Used 6 Wheeler Oil Tanker Truck; Sanyo Gulf Car; Toyota Passo; Used Hino Truck Cabin 06 wheeler M.T.C.L =FD2JLB Ch. No; 15963; Old and used titan mazda dump truck 3500cc Model U-Wglad 1994 CH No. WGLAD-186897 SEAT Belt; Old and used Hin o truck Cabin (06 Wheeler) Model FDJIJLD CH No; 13621; Old and used tital mazda dump truck 06 wheeler model 1992 CH. No. WGLAD 170264; Old and used Model 1996 /CH.No. WGFAK 100757; Old and used Mazda drump truck CH. No. WELAT406185 Model 1987; Mazda dump truck CH. WGLAD-179922, Model 1993; Mazda Dump Truck CH. WGLAD-175602, Model 1992; Mazda Dump Truck CH. WGTAD-172875, Model 1994.
1 Unit used M-Daihatsu; 1 Unit Toyota Xio Corolla; Toyota Van Model 2002 Kr-42V-Remde-C; Toyota Van KR42-5003100.