KARACHI: A number of officers/officials of Pakistan Customs have qualified the training course on chemical detection equipment conducted by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) under Container Control Program.
Customnews.pk learnt that the anti-smuggling organization (ASO) would now be having the Hazardous Material Identifiers that would help stringent control on movement of drugs and hazardous material etc.
The equipment is already being used by the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) who were imparted the same training earlier.
This briefcase sized device weighing around 10kg can detect 5,000 different chemicals that may fall in category of drugs or other hazardous materials.
It is expected that sooner other units and collectorates would get such technology and smuggling would be come under control.
The officers who recently have completed the training course in the first session include Ms Kanwal Ali, Deputy Collector MCC-Multan; Sardar Ali, Deputy Collector MCC-Peshawar; Shahid Hussain Rizvi, Principal Appraiser MCC Export Karachi and five more officials.
The officers who recently have completed the training course in the second session include Amjad Aman, Assistant Collector MCC Export Karachi; Yousuf Baloch, Superintendent MCC Multan; Saleem Khokar, Superintendent Preventive Services MCC-Preventive Karachi among others.
Qasim Khokar, Deputy Collector MCC Appraisement East; Sultan Aurungzeb, Appraising Officer MCC Port Qasim; Mazhar Mohammad, Superintendent MCC Peshawar among other officials attended the third session.
Saeed Wattoo, Deputy Collector MCC Adjudication Lahore; Farhat Hasan Khan, Assistant Collector MCC Preventive Karachi, Ameed Farooqui, Principal Appraiser MCC Hyderabad; Waheed Ashraf, Examination officer MCC Export Karachi among others attended the fourth session.
The officers at the fifth session include Mohammad Iqbal Memon, Assistant Collector MCC Lahore; Adnan Rafiq, Assistant Collector MCC Preventive Karachi and Appraising Officer Saifur Rehman while officers at the sixth training session include Nisar Ahmed, Deputy Director IOCO; Maqbool Baloch, Assistant Collector MCC Gawadar; Adnan Akram, Assistant collector MCC Preventive Lahore and Appraising Officer, Noor Alam Durrani.