KARACHI: The Collectorate of Appraisement-East has initiated administrative reforms and all the officers have been advised to observe punctuality.
It has been circulated that all the officers/officials would strictly observe 9 to 5 punctuality and those not abiding by the directives would face disciplinary proceedings.
Additional Collector and Deputy Collector Headquarters have been requested to maintain the discipline and enforce administrative reform in this regard.
Meanwhile, Mehmood-ul-Hasan Deputy Collector at R&D Cell-East has been transferred and Rehmatullah Vistro has assumed the office of Deputy Collector R&D.
Vistro has brought big changes, has activated the R&D Cell and held meetings with R&D officers/officials in this regard.
Earlier, R&D Cell-East only detected miniscule cases to prove their efficiency but the high-profile cases were ‘overlooked’. Now with Vistro in this office, the Cell has become active and high-profile duty/tax evasion cases and scams would be unearthed.