KARACHI: The Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) has foiled a bid of smuggling contrabands and arrested two accused after a gun-battle near Lucky Chowrangi, RCD Highway, Karachi.
Tariq Huda, Collector of Customs Preventive has appointed Akbar Ahmed as the Investigation Officer (IO) of the case.
According to the details, credible information was received to the effect that a group of notorious smugglers had off-loaded smuggled/foreign origin goods from passenger buses plying from Quetta at Hub.
Subsequently, they were in the process of shifting/reloading the said smuggled goods to different other vehicles for onward transportation to the dumping haven situated at Yousuf goth, Karachi.
Pursuant to the said information a team of ASO staff was constituted to foil the attempt of the unscrupulous smugglers to transport the smuggled/foreign origin goods to Yousuf Goth. Incognito surveillance was mounted on the road tributaries/mud roads of Lucky Chowrangi area. On January 10, 2014 in the morning hours some vehicles were seen coming from Hub side intending to bypass RCD Highway to get to Yousuf Goth.
The Customs team signaled them to stop but the vehicles accelerated which were chased and finally the team intercepted three Shahzore trucks loaded with smuggled goods. Two of these trucks were being driven by Waheedullah s/o Chimni and Abdus Samad s/o Ahmed Jan who were apprehended whereas the 3rd driver of vehicle Shahzore bearing registration No. KN-6768 managed to escape.
Subsequent to the stopping of the three above mentioned vehicles a Toyota Corolla car bearing registration No.ASP-908 having four occupants reached the scene and started shouting and even went to the extent of man handling the staff.
They also tried to snatch arms from the Customs staff. One of the occupants of the car was identified as Barat Khan s/o Haji Meera Jan who was carrying a gun (pistol) in his hand. Back up support was called and when the man power reached the scene all of the miscreants including Barat Khan fled the scene leaving behind their car.
The three trucks on cursory examination were found to contain foreign origin/smuggled cloth and LED TVs. The three intercepted trucks laden with smuggled goods and a Toyota Corolla car bearing registration No.ASP-908 were brought to ASO/HQ with the assistance of Pakistan Rangers who had been summoned by the staff.
When the convoy reached Yousuf Goth Intercity Bus Terminal a crowd of miscreants blocked both the lanes of RCD Highway and started pelting stones at the team and became physical with the Customs staff. Aerial firing was resorted to and further back up from Pakistan Rangers was summoned. On reaching of the additional Rangers staff the mob disbursed.
The Customs team was finally able to transport the smuggled goods, three trucks and a car to ASO/HQ under the escort of Pakistan Rangers. After reaching NMB Wharf/HQ detailed examination of the goods was carried out, which resulted in the recovery of goods worth Rs9.0 million approximately.
The contraband goods so recovered were seized along with the trucks bearing registration Nos.KP-9306, KN-6768 and KN-2857 and a Toyota Corolla No.ASP-908. Two accused persons i.e. drivers of the trucks namely Waheedullah s/o Chimni Khan and Abdus Samad s/o Ahmed Jan were arrested.
An FIR in this regard has been lodged and efforts are being made to arrest the absconding accused persons.