KARACHI: Chairman Pakistan Economy forum, Arshad Jamal has hailed the public notice issued by Chief Collector Appraisement-South.
He said that several elements in connivance with Customs officials were evading revenue through fake invoices and mis-declaration.
He said that importers as well as clearing agents were facing difficulties pertaining to valuation rulings because valuation department did not have any website from where the current valuation ruling could be known. Besides, there were many other flaws which need to be rectified.
He mentioned that the valuation guidelines mention the unit of measurement lighters in kilogram at $3 per kg which accounts for $60 per thousand pieces while the Customs Tariff define the unit of measurement in pieces at $6 per thousand pieces.
Jamal said that now the importers were in confusion whether to mention the unit of measurement as per the valuation guidelines in the Goods Declaration or mention it according to the Customs Tariff.
Similarly, there were ambiguities in the valuation guidelines issued illegally.
He said that the Customs authorities must streamline their data taking special care of description, specification, country of origin, classification and unit of measurement.
He said that nowhere in the world consignments were cleared without certificate of origin and certified invoice but in Pakistan consignments were being cleared on fake invoices even.
Arshad Jamal said that certificate of origin must be mandatory for clearance.