KARACHI: Auction of left over vehicles will be held on Dec 9-10, 2013 and general cargo auction commenced from December 2-8, 2013 at West Wharf by Pakistan Customs.
As per details received to customnews.pk, the following vehicles will be offered for auction:
O/U truck 6 wheeler; Toyota Camry left hand drive; Mitsubishi Lancer CH No. CS2V-051797; Toyota DX probax model 2007 1496 CC; Toyota Vitz front damage 996 CC model 2006; used Nissar pick CCPI clipper; Toyota wish model 2007 1794CC ENG 122-FE CH No ZNE10-0386429; Suzuki Wagonar, model 2009 CH No. MH23S 155308 (660 CC) one unit; used Suzuki car (capacity 1386 CC); Used Nissar Micra car (model 2008) 1386 CC; used Mitsubishi mini cab (model 2007), Used Suzuki swift car (model 2008); used Nissan March (model 2008) 1386 CC; used Suzuki pickup (model 2008); Used Toyota car (model 2002) 1496 CC; used Toyota Axio car (model 2007) 1496 CC; used Toyota Axio car (model 2007) 1496 CC; used Toyota Passo car (model 2008) 996 CC; used Mazda Axila car (model 2010); used Toyota wish car 794 CC; used Honda streem car (model 2010); used Sabaru (model 2008) 650 CC; used Mit car (model 2007); used Suzuki S*4 (model 2007) 1500CC; BMW Jeep X3 (model 2007); old and used fire engine BRND =VOLVO (model 1997); Used Toyota Corolla model 2008, used Mazda serum model 2007; used 6 wheeler oil tanker truck.
Auction of left over lots of general cargo, the following auction goods are as under:
Aluminum scrap (29 MT); Auto parts; Aluminum scrap (37 MT); Empty material box printed 4300kgs; used shoes 235 bales; cotton waste PP bags (14000kgs); Decoration light 288 Pcs in CTN (25kgs); HERTRECVENY Qteamboilers Equupment erection etc; Molokhia seed (23000kgs), 160 drums Moulises (160); tyre with rim; one Plts 100plts polyester yard (200kgs); O/CTN state pencil each 100 * 48 =4800 (10kgs); O/U palele trolley with wheel; auto parts; paper cutting (250 kgs); 160 drums toluene DIL so cyantate; natural recycled granules; prinho holy books (assorted) (20 C/S); fine cally bricks (43316kgs); Hardener MEC-75 Epocy resin; sulphur yellow in gramulor; calcium cabide; bowlers; dry battery cell ball pens etc; eva sheet assorted color; (i) real fining leather stdin roll (ii) Leather decket 1 coat (iii) old and used leather finishing /grinding machine 1.5 horse power; plertic shopping/Paeung bags Aluminum foil printed waste waste papwer and etc; sand box; gas kite alveoli gas kite loose; telephone set shad 25; medical equipment; new computerized embroidery machine; wood made polish furniture; plastic cans; hair and skin dryer 222 Pcs dish wash 36 Pcs full automatic washing machine electronic water level 40 Pcs.
Tyre scraps (50kgs); motor parts/elec motor; monitor/printer; machinery relay; nickel sulphate in plastic DRMS/cans 9 DRMS (30kgs); computer speaker; old and used xray machine; wooden furniture (100kgs), O/U Iron plate (100kgs); metal pliky; metal fixed ring; sport goods 1 dyed trouser jumping role (0.7500MT), used medical equipment (10000MT); old and used batteries scrap; air conditioner accessories for motor car parts, digital electric scale (1688kgs); photo stat machine; chemical (25kgs); new air filter 3CTS; Bulb 200W; bulb 300W; wooden scak; plastic lunch box; parasinect tyre cloths (15kgs); sticker 2ctns catalogs bio rad; spring leares; wooden stair; old and used computers accessories; wood made polish furniture; molding thread winding machine and textile machinery; remote control; Mould for air conditioner wall; parts for; wood made frames (100kgs); furniture wooden; house hold goods decoration pieces (500kgs); calendar 2007-2008; printed material; relays; Aluminum plastic coated film roll; printed books/assorted tiles; tyre scrap (26MT); tyra scrap(31MT); tyre scarp(21MT); tyre scrap (20MT); Remote Control/photo card/adopter; electric plugs (6kg net); glass of fla (16kgs); GYMA laboratories 01 drum; SASH ASYS STUDS nuts.
Auction of left over & fresh lots general cargo, MTO Container yard:
Old & used plastic can used value 7 Pcs old & used cables (15Pcs); desrphar show an computer sheeb talcum powder (153947 kg 6*20); cotton yarn on cons packed in ANDPP bag (14950kg); despant marked on goods in bulk (23240kgs); used compressor scrap (22160 kgs); old & used waste metals prings (1900kgs); polyester bounded fabric; poly 80 percent acrylic (29160MT); polyester fabric(1,5900MT); old and used waste metals prings (19000kgs); old and used waste metals prings (38000kgs); generator set & vaccum cleaner (24pkgs); crates water cooled 1080kgs; auto parts (7,4510 tons); auto parts scrap (5468 kgs); old and used computer monitor assorted size 14” and 15” = 1000pcs (15000kgs); bediliftqty 04 Nos (24.471); glass cullets assorted (25000kgs); A minimum mirror double coated each palette 50 pcs size 8FT *6FT 5MM (20 pallettes); lightining fixture 200 CTNS 40 pcs (2400kgs); cement concrete block each 192 pc total 960 pcs.
Motor cover (body); new valve PV 100/100 (196kgs); hose pipe and tools (110kgs); dialysis machine; heating tube tank (3 tons); electric drill press machine 16MM (100kgs); gallen komp; used pully (genuine Detroit diesel) (15kgs); used heavy radiator (400kgs); cable for hard disk (15kg); used assorted size bearing 2390kg used bearing part ball outer cover 810kg (3200); parts (30kgs); refgirator computer printer 3 pcs assorted medical equipment 70 pcs trolly stand 23 p cs safe lack 2pcs printer 01pcs weighing scale 5 pcs diabble chair 3 pcs water can 02 pcs.
Old and used colour CRT, Picture tube colour CRT monitor NEC/Samsung (536); old and used ball bearing; used tyres etc; auto parts for lifters oil filters & tyres, BWIB; old and used wooden pallets; used iron strips frame scrap.