KARACHI: The auction of vehicles and goods confiscated by Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation – FBR to by held on December 02, 2013 at CPF Bonded Warehouse, Rasheedabad, Karachi.
The auction-able goods are included:
Art Silk Cloth (foreign origin), 175kg;
Old and used audio CD/Cassettes players; Ladies art silk cloth; generators spare parts (foreign origin
Electronic goods (foreign origin); tyres new (foreign origin); tyres old and used
mobile chargers, assessors and misc. Goods (Foreign Origin) as per list
Old and used Tyres assorted brand
Plastic toys (made in China); Padlocks (Made in China)
Gem King size filter cigarettes
Rexena Rolls (China)
Nokia Mobile Model 1202
High Light Marlboro (Red), Marlboro White, L&M and Esse Cigarettes
Glass Beads
Light Vehicles Tyres Old and Used
CRT Monitor (Old and Used) Assorted Brand
Dove Soap; Lux Soap; Johnson Baby; Sauannah Soap; CD (Blank) DVD-R; Belt Buckle
Napoleon Boss Eaude Toilate
The Vehicles are included:
Toyota Corona Car
Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Crown Car
Marcedez Benz Car
Honda Civic Ferio Car
Honda (Aria) Car
Toyota Surf Jeep
Toyota Indus Corolla Car.