KARACHI: Pakistan Customs to conduct auction of seized vehicles on December 04 lying in state warehouse at Custom House, Gaddani.
The vehicles are included:
Mitsubishi Pajero 2800CC (old registration)
Toyota Hilux Surf Model,1995, 2446CC
Toyota Hilux Surf Model 1992, 2446CC
Mitsubishi Pajero, 1990, 2746CC
Mitsubishi Pajero 2400 CC (old used and damaged condition without A/C)
Toyota Hilux Surf, 1995, 2446 CC
Toyota Hilix, Surf, Model 1990, Dark Grey Color.2446 CC
Toyota Prado (Tree-Door) Jeep (Diesel) 1990
Toyota Surf SSR-X (5-Doro). Black Colour, Model 1993, 2400CC
Hilux Surf SSRX, Model 1993, Engine Capacity 2446
Hilux Surf SSR-X Five-Door Model 1991, 2446 CC
Mitsubishi Pajero, Five Door, 1986, 2800CC
List of confiscated goods ripe for auction put it to auction on December 04, 2013 in respect of MCC Gwadar, Custom House, Gaddani
Motorcycle Frame; Motorcycle Rods,