KARACHI: Chief Collector of Appraisement, Nasir Masroor has notified transfer of a large number of officers following the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) decision to transfer those officers of Grade 16 to 19, who are working in the same position for the last three years.
As many as 9 Principal Appraisers, 45 Appraisers and 36 Examiners belonging to MCC-Appraisement-East, MCC-Appraisement-West and MCC-Port Qasim have been moved from their current positions.
According to an official memo, the revenue board decided that officers of BS 16 to 19, who are working in the same position against a specific post for the last three years should immediately be transferred from such place of posting.
The memo instructed all chief commissioners Inland Revenue, Chief Collectors, Collectors and Director Generals to conduct the same exercise in the area of their respective jurisdiction for implementation of this decision and intimate the FBR.
Officials at local tax offices said that the decisions had been taken on incidents of corruption and misconduct by officials.