Karachi: Karachi Customs Agent Association has demanded that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) should allow deposit of customs duties at all the designated branches of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) in Karachi.
It has been noticed by the association that the difficulties are being faced in depositing customs duties at National Bank of Pakistan, as there are only two branches are in function including: Customs House Branch and Nadir House branch where customs duties and other taxes related to goods declaration could be paid.
These branches are not enough to cater the number of goods declaration which are now being increased tremendously after rolling out WeBoc to all Off Dock terminal, Air Freight Unit and the tax payer have to wait for hours in the long queue, just to submit a pay order.
However, the FBR Portal authorized 60 branches of NBP in Karachi for collecting taxes, which means the infrastructure is already available in these branches and trade can be facilitated by only issuing User ID’s to the respective authorized branches for collecting customs duties.
The KCAA hopes that an early action will be taken from your good offices to resolve of this chronic problem.