KARACHI: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has revised the customs value of kraft liner board and unbleached sack kraft paper through Valuation Ruling No.601/2013.
Upon receipt of a complaint regarding under invoicing in the subject goods, from the Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation-FBR, an exercise to determine the customs values of various types of paper was initiated to reflect the current price trend in the international markets.
According to the revised determination, Kraft liner board of Australia, Portugal, Poland and Czech Republic would be assessed to duty at the rate of $0.65 per KG; Kraft liner board of Sweden will be assessed to duty at $0.74 per KG while the goods of USA and Canada origin will be asses to duty at $0.68 per KG.
The customs value of Kraft liner board of China origin would be $0.61 per KG while goods of all other originating countries will be assessed at $0.65 per KG.
The customs value of Sack Kraft paper of Australia origin will be $0.85 per KG; Sweden at $1.0 per KG; Russia at $0.97 per KG while sack kraft paper of any other origin will be assessed to duty at $0.93 per KG.