M/s A.J International charged for manipulation of invoices

KARACHI: The Collector Adjudication has created demand of around Rs10 million against M/s A.J international for manipulation of invoice hence mis-declaration.
Collector Adjudication via order in original (ONO) imposed a fine of Rs3.477 million along with a personal penalty of Rs200,000 to be paid by the importer.
According to the details of the case, M/s A.J International imported a consignment and produced invoice at the time of filling of goods declaration.
The said invoice shows the supplier as Extreme Technologies and the goods mentioned therein shown without any brand.
On the contrary, the invoice retrieved from within the consignment shows the supplier as Anji Tengefei Electronics and this invoice mention the goods with complete brands and specifications.
Under Rule 389 of the Customs Rules, 2001 it is mandatory for the suppliers to place the invoice of the goods in the containers.
Upon examination, it was confirmed that the invoice retrieved from the container belonged to the goods in the container and there was no doubt in it.
The found invoice shows the brands of the goods including Victory, Ideas, Click and xpert and the total offending goods value is Rs10.682 million.
“In view of the foregoing, charges leveled against the importer in the show cause notice, stand established,” the Adjudication Order-in-original says.
The Collector Adjudication ordered confiscation of the goods, however the goods are allowed to be released on duty payment of duty and taxes assessed on the invoices found in the container and payment of fine Rs3.477 million along with a personal penalty of Rs200,000 to be paid by the importer.

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