KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) of Appraisement West has announced team for liquidation of pending cases in Afghan transit trade, under which the cases of ISAF missing containers would be reopened against those where showcause notices had been issued.
However, in cases where Order-in-Original (ONO) are issued those would only have option to go for Collector Appeal against the order.
The collector Appraisement West directed deputy collectors including Muhammad Yousuf Khan Magsi and Dr. Noman Khan to adjudicate Afghan transit cases with immediate effect.
The sources said that re-hearing in these cases will be completed within next thirty days for taking further action including the issuance of ONOs.
Earlier, in the last month the customs agents in protest of issuance of three ONOs halted the clearance activities and demanded the FBR of withdrawing all the cases and provide them opportunity of re-hearing for presenting their stance against charges framed by the FBR.
The then FBR chairman Salman Siddiqu before the Supreme Court on the basis of Hafiz Anees report under which about 28,800 containers were declared missing.