KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) of Appraisement has re-organized the Appraising Intelligence Branch (AIB) to meet the challenges raised by modern technology and act as an effective bulwark of traditional Customs control.
The MCC Appraisement (West), Karachi has recently shifted to the automated WeBOC mode of Customs clearance in addition to working with the manual One-Customs system for residual non-WeBOC items/processes.
The re-organized twin fold role is to facilitate genuine trade while simultaneously ensuring robust control structure capable of handling the complex Customs transactions.
For this purpose AIB has been bifurcated into two sections i.e. R&D/AIB section and post-release verification (PRV) section.
The PRV section shall study import trends of major revenue spinners/other risky commodities in terms of volume (weight, Nos etc.), value, tax structure through statistical analysis along with tracking market trends of different commodities/sectors for minimizing the chances of mis-declaration, under-invoicing at import stage.
PRV would also issue advance alerts to relevant examination/assessment desks/sections on the basis of findings of the data analysis/market tracking; carryout random/snap audits of closed transactions to determine correct application of valuation rulings/agreed values/concessions and exemptions etc.; initiate recovery/adjudication proceedings where revenue evasion is detected through the relevant appraising group/ R&D section.
PRV shall undertake appraising group-wise work analysis and suggest improvement in the current modules to ensure prompt clearances with minimum revenue pilferage; suggest measures for the overall up-gradation of the automated system with a view to simplify procedures and plug any probable revenue leakage; coordinate with the IT division of the MCC for generating standardized MIS reports for meaningful analysis of import data and any other function assigned by the competent authority.
The R&D/AIB section shall function as the operating wing of the MCC carrying out the traditional functions of investigation and prosecution in respect of cases detected by PRV section as well as by the R&D/AIB section on its own motion.
This section shall maintain close liaison with the PRV section of the MCC for keeping the current consignments of known defaulters under scrutiny along with cultivating an information network to countercheck the workings of the examination and assessment formations.
R&D/AIB would also scrutinize the contents of IGMs before arrival of vessels in order to generate advance alerts for appraising groups; scrutinize the automated clearances through the ‘green channel’.
It shall block any consignment on the basis of an information and internal scrutiny for thorough re-check; undertake joint examination of suspect/risky consignments; prepare contravention reports and lodge FIRs as and when required; defend the cases initiated by the section before a legal for a with utmost dexterity and any other function assigned by the competent authority .